Monday, August 5, 2013

Madilyn's Name

I thought I should document how we finally decided upon Madilyn Karlee's name.  I am one of those people who wants to see the baby before I name her.  We took this approach with Mila, and thank goodness we did because I was in favor of the name Berklee, but when I saw Mila she didn't look like a Berklee to me.  Thus, we named her Mila.

Going into this delivery we had discussed names so much, but couldn't narrow down our list.  Some of the names that consistently made the list were Mckinley, Reagan, Sofie, Abigail, and Madilyn.  We liked the idea of picking a name that would remind us of our time in DC, hence the presidential names (Mckinley, Reagan, and Abigail (Adams)).  But Chase and I couldn't agree on one that we both really loved.  So at the hospital we were trying to decide between Sofie, Abigail, and Madilyn.  I liked Sofie; Chase liked Abigail.  We both consistently liked Madilyn but weren't sure if we wanted two daughters with "M" names.  Time was quickly passing and Chase was needing to leave for his training.  I refused to have him leave before we had a name picked.  At the last moment Chase suggested the name Emma.  We read in our scriptures the revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants section 25 and liked the idea of our daughter being named after an elect woman.  We even went so far as to decide to name her Emma and prayed for confirmation that this was the name the Lord wanted for His daughter.  In the midst of the prayer Madilyn started crying.  Call us silly, but we took that as a sign that Madilyn didn't want to be named Emma.  So, that was it...her name would be Madilyn.  Chase was excited about naming her Madilyn because just days earlier when he had asked Mila what baby sister's name should be she had responded very matter-of-factly "Madilyn Karlee."  Earlier in the week, for our Family Night I had asked Chase to give each of us a father's blessing in preparation for Madilyn's delivery and in both Madilyn and Mila's blessings he had felt that these two girls had a history with one another already and are going to be close so he loved the idea of Mila somewhat naming Madilyn.

And how did we ever stumble upon the name Madilyn?  Well, my dear friend Amanda sent our girls a package a few months ago and in it was the children's book Madeline for Mila.  Mila LOVES reading this book.  We must have read it a dozen times each day that first week.  After a few times of reading it and seeing how much Mila loved the book I started toying with the name.  Chase and I have always loved the nickname Madi (plus we lived next to a pretty adorable Madi back in Provo) and so we decided we like the spelling Madilyn rather than Madeline so we could call her Madi.  And as for the middle name Karlee...for those who know our story, you know that Chase and I met one another because of his sister Karlee.  She was a high school student at the school I was teaching at and on the first day of school took it upon herself to ask me for my phone number to give to her single brother.  We have always been indebted to Karlee for bringing us together and so we both wanted to honor her role in helping our family come to be by using her name as a middle name.

So there you have it.  It's crazy that already she is 3 weeks old.  Madilyn's doing really well.  She eats like a champ, going 3 or so hours between feedings during the day and sometimes up to 4 hours at night.  She's gained 2 lbs already and almost 2 inches--we love our babies chunky :).  She sleeps relatively well...she just grunts a lot in her sleep at least one stretch between feedings.  She's been in our bathroom while my mom and Chase's mom have been in town, but headed back to the guest room last night.  And today marked the beginning of Chase's 10-day paternity leave.  We are stoked!  Maybe we'll get a few more pictures of Madilyn with Chase around.  I find it hard to snap photos when my hands are full with two kiddos.

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Holly said...

So I read this post on my phone the other day & tried to leave a comment, but apparently it didn't save. So I'll try to re-create my previous comment. :) I love the meaning behind Madilyn's name--and I especially love that Mila helped, in a way, to name her. How fun that they will have each other as sisters growing up! And holy cow--that's so awesome that Chase gets a 10 day paternity leave!!! I'm loving your documentation of it on Instagram. :) We miss you guys! Glad the transition to two kids is going well so far. It will only continue to get easier!!