Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's been awhile since I've updated our blog.  Probably because I have been focusing more on updating the Apple books I make each year for our "Yearbook" since I have the goal of being up-to-date by the time girl #2 gets here.  I am grateful for this blog though because it has definitely helped me in updating my yearbooks.  For those who haven't pieced together our life through Instagram or Facebook, here's a brief look at December-April for the Gunnells.

December started off with a bit of a surprise.  Chase's paternal grandfather passed away somewhat suddenly.  We were lucky enough to fly out for the funeral.  I think it meant a lot to many individuals in Chase's family to have Chase represent the Air Force at the funeral.  Chase's grandfather is a big reason why we joined the AF.  We really miss him.
This was probably one of the hardest moments for me--Chase saluting while "Taps" was played.  They play "Taps" at 9PM every night here on base.  It still hits home for us when we hear it.

Although there are a lack of pictures, we did enjoy Christmas.
Let's be honest, this is what I remember most from Christmas.  Luckily my parents came out just after Christmas to help me make it through those long weeks.
January Mila and I soaked up the remaining month we had with our good neighbors the Burchells.  To this day Mila will walk over to their old house and knock.  Can't wait to have them visit in June.
February brought Mila's surgery.  She had her adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears.  Aside from the annoyance of having to keep her ears dry (like during baths) we are so grateful for this surgery.  Mila snores less; has better quality of sleep; and just seems to be thriving more.  
By the end of the month we learned Mila was going to have a little sister join our family.  Just a little update on baby.  This week marks the start of my third trimester.  Went for an appointment today and everything is checking out well, except I'm a bit anemic.  I plan on downing lots of steaks the next few weeks to up my iron intake :).  Other than that, not too much to report.  Still dealing with excessive saliva, but I've abandoned the spit cup.

In March we welcomed a visitor.  Sammy, a Basset Hound/Labrador mix joined our family for a bit.  Mila loved having her around, but she flew recently to Utah to be with her owner.
(If you can't tell this is the night we picked Sammy up from the airport and Mila enjoyed some sweet kisses.)
Also in March I wrapped up the 6 month service initiative I headed up for our church's women's organization, the Relief Society.  Over the 6 months we were involved with giving service in different ways to military families in the area who have someone deployed.  I was given this assignment shortly after moving here, and it felt so good to get involved in our community and to brighten the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas & Valentines' Day) for these families.
Near the end of March we had the amazing opportunity to attend the sealing of one of our new couple friends, the Callahans, at the DC temple.

Easter was spent making cupcakes for friends; teaching Mila why we celebrate Easter by using these awesome videos; playing with family--Chase's parents came into town; and hunting for Easter eggs of course.

We spent a day in Gettysburg with Chase's parents.  Here we are on the top of Little Round Top.
We failed to get a picture of us with both of Chase's parents.  But we are so grateful for Chase's dad bringing his camera and being the primary photographer since he was able to snap some shots of Mila on Easter morning.
April began with a much anticipated girls' trip for me.  Chase was a champ and watched Mila for three days all on his own while I flew to Santa Barbara, CA for quality time with my college roommates.  Love these girls!  We've decided to do this every 2 years, and I can't wait for the next time.  It was a weekend of pampering, shopping, soaking up the sun, and chatting until the late, late hours of the night.
Since my return we have been enjoying the spring weather here.  I'll probably do a separate post on that.  So there you have it!