Saturday, January 26, 2013

All About Mila

For those friends and family who no longer see Mila on a regular basis, here are some fun videos and pics of the little one.  She has lots of cousins and so she gets lots of practice at singing "Happy Birthday".  
She actually is really getting into singing lately.  She attempts to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Clean Up, Clean Up," the "ABC's" and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam."  She is a little chatter box and so we are trying to harness her energy and focus on learning some basics.  She will count often, but seems to consistently leave out 2, 4, and 8.  She did have a streak going where she would count 1-7 straight.  Luckily I got it on film.
Her current favorite movie is Madagascar, which she refers to as "Animals."  She will always request "Move It," the part where King Julian sings "I Like to Move It, Move It."  It's quite the sight to see her run around in circles, her version of dancing.

She still loves to go to the library and read books.

She will say prayers and is great about prompting me to pray randomly throughout the day.  She says prayers by reciting back the last one or two words of the phrase we say to her.  However, this week she knelt down and said her own prayer by saying "Father, Jesus, Amen."  I'd say she got the main phrases, wouldn't you?  ("Dear Heavenly the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.")

She loves nursery to the point that we find ourselves having to barricade her in our pew during sacrament meeting until the appropriate time to go to nursery.

If you ask her to name something she will name it "Gink" after the cat in a book series I have about a little witch called Dorrie who has a black cat named Gink.

I thank my Heavenly Father quite often for sending Mila to be my first kiddo.  We really lucked out on receiving a very obedient, helpful child.  She never protests when I ask her to do something for me, but instead runs to do it (the girl never walks).  She also reasons really well with us.  For example, if she is standing up in her high chair asking to be "All done" but still has food on her plate, I can often times ask her to eat two more bites if she wants to get out of her chair and she'll do it.  Something I've really been grateful for lately though is how cuddly she is.  She loves to just snuggle with me during the day which has brought me so much comfort when I'm feeling miserable.  I get sad at times thinking that in a few short months we won't have this one on one time anymore.  So I sure am trying to soak it all up right now.


Kendra said...

She's a doll! The older she gets the more I think she looks like Chase. And yes, definitely soak up your time. You of course still have one-on-one time together after baby #2, but I find it's different and often my mind is distracted thinking that I need to get back to a fussy baby. It's wonderful, but sometimes I do miss the easy, one-on-one time together.

Holly said...

What a sweet little girl! We miss you guys!!!

Courtney Bready said...

I love reading these posts about Mila and seeing how similar she and Harper are! Harper also dances by running in circles. And Sacrament Meeting? Yeah it's a joke. She asks the whole time for her friends (we always tell her she's going to nursery to play with friends). And she also likes to pray like Mila does. I love that they're so close in age but hate that you guys are so far away!!

Rachel said...

She's too cute. And I agree with Kendra - the older she gets, the more I think she looks like Chase.

Nate and Kayla said...

Mila is so so cute!! And congrats friend on the new addition coming soon. Very exciting!

J and T plus Three said...

She is the cutest!! So happy you guys are in our ward! :) When Haylee was 2 she loved to play hungry hungry hippo's but before every single game -not each set of games- but every single game she would pray and bless the hippo's "food" It was so cute!