Thursday, November 29, 2012

O Captain! My Captain!

Even though I am wanting to take a nap right now while Mila is napping, I felt I should take a moment and let my husband know how proud I am of him.  I also wanted to document this event since it was a pretty big deal.  

Being new to the Air Force, we are trying to learn the ins and outs as quickly as possible, but often times I feel we learn things a bit too late.  Luckily, it's not all in vain, since we are able to pass along advice to a few of our friends who are a few months behind Chase in the JAG program.  Before today, I didn't realize how big a deal Chase's promotion from 1st Lieutenant to Captain was.  Chase isn't one to want to be doted on or have a spotlight placed upon him, and so he often down plays things.  However, after attending the ceremony today, I realize this is a big deal.  I am so glad I was able to be at this ceremony and hear his SJA talk highly of all Chase's accomplishments in the 3 short months we've been here.  It was also fun to pin on his ranking.  I felt like my mom when she'd pin stuff on my brothers in Boy Scouts, ha ha.  I only regret not making our family more aware of this event.  I think it would have meant a lot to Chase.  Although, with all the empty chairs beside me that are reserved for family, Mila was able to sit in her own chair, which was pretty adorable to watch.  She also knew to put her hand on her heart for the National Anthem...melts my heart every time.  
Hopefully there will be other promotions--at this point we're planning on sticking with the military for awhile.  However, the next promotion won't be for another 5 years probably.  Thank goodness because throwing the traditional promotion party can be stressful.  I'm definitely glad that's over with.  We provided a luncheon complete with Texas BBQ from a local BBQ joint  and a large sheet cake (thank you Costco). 
Some of his coworkers were encouraging us to cut the cake together like it was our wedding day or something...awkward.  We just had Chase cut it. 
 Mila was pretty stoked about having cake.
After devouring some cake Mila had some sugar to burn off.  Luckily we were having the luncheon in the trial room so she had some fun places to explore.  Can't you picture it?  Judge Gunnell?
Congratulations Chase!  We sure are proud of you!  Keep up the hard work.


Diana said...

Congratulations to Chase! That is awesome. You all look great, and Mila is getting so big!

Kendra said...

Congratulations, Chase! That's very exciting. You guys are totally legit. ;) And we miss you like crazy.

Holly said...

Congratulations Chase!!! Tucker happened to walk over as I pulled up your blog, and as soon as he saw your pictures he said, "Hey, I remember them! That's Chase & Christy! We should go to their house." He was pretty disappointed when I told him you guys moved FAR away. But yes, someday, we SHOULD go to your house haha. :) We're so proud of you guys & miss you tons! You all look so good & Mila is adorable!!!

Misses Barlow said...

That is so awesome!!! Congrats!!! And I know this comment is super late but I'm just catching up with blogs.

JenSwen said...

I'm dying over how cute Mila is! That last picture of her is just so precious. Christy, you are such a sweet wife and mother. Congrats to Chase!