Sunday, November 4, 2012

Charlottesville, VA

Last week Chase had a week long training at the Army's JAG school at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  Mila and I decided to tag along for the week.  
The drive down was gorgeous!  I am loving the east coast in the fall.  The leaves actually change colors for longer than a weekend :)  The hotel room was pretty small, but we could fit the pack n play in the bathroom so it worked out just fine.  Mila enjoyed being able to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning.  I enjoyed the fact that she slept until like 9:30AM every morning, probably because it was pitch black in the bathroom.
Every day we had lunch with Chase and then he'd finish up his instruction around 5PM so we had a chance to explore at night.  We really enjoyed the University's campus and the city of Charlottesville.  I enjoyed a week of not cooking and eating out using Chase's per diem (so did Mila).
To pass the time during the day Mila and I went to a park where we saw a hot air balloon pass right over us.  This solidified my desire to want to ride in a hot air balloon.
We went to a local bounce and play place.  Mila could have spent all day here I think.  I have to find one of these here in Maryland.  The toddler area was her favorite, but she did go down the inflatable slides in the bigger kid area.
The had an area where the kids could just paint to their heart's content on glass.  This is right up Mila's alley.

The highlight of the week for me though was visiting an apple orchard.  Those who know me know that I love doing festive things.  I love taking advantage of the different seasons and holidays and what they have to offer.  So I have been dying to go to an orchard this fall.  Mila and I went down into the orchard where the pink ladys were and picked a few.  Then we purchased apple donuts, apple butter, and apple cider.  I was in heaven!
I had to keep a close eye on Mila because she kept picking up rotten apples off the ground and taking a bite.  Gross!
Look at this gorgeous view from the orchard!
I hope to go back to Charlottesville.  It was fun to be in a college town again.  I really don't mind college towns and all the things they have to offer.

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