Monday, November 5, 2012

All Things Halloween

To fulfill my need to take advantage of what every holiday has to offer, I organized for a group of some of our new friends that we've met at church to go to a nearby farm called Montpelier Farm with attractions for little kids, a corn maze, and hayrides.  The Lord sure knows me and knows I needed friends.  I think that's why He first placed us on the street that we live on, which apparently is known for its socialness--I sure love the women on this street.  And, He had us meet some amazing people on our first Sunday here when we were invited to a BBQ for dinner.  We really are enjoying getting to know these peeps.
Here we are in the corn maze.
"Hey guys, this way!"
"Follow me!!"
There was a small hay maze for kiddos, but none of the kids were actually walking through it.  So Mila followed suit and began climbing on the stacks of hay.
We finished the night at the farm by taking a hayride.  Why is it that Mila always looks like a deer in headlights?!
Loved having Jackie there that night!
We finished the night with yummy food at our house and some intense rounds of Catchphrase and Oh Heck/Mormon Bridge.
The weekend before Halloween our church had a Trunk or Treat/dinner at our church building.  It was a fun night.  Here's Mila with her buddy Tyson.  This area of the gym was probably Mila's favorite.  She kept wanting to stand in front of this backdrop.  
We decided on Mila being a butterfly this year for a few reasons (I try to make our costumes meaningful and not just random.  See our whole family's costume from last year here).  One, Mila loves bugs, and right now her favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  She also has a butterfly mobile above her bed that she says "Good Morning" to every morning.  And two, the wings are a great investment for her dress ups collection I am starting.  I was actually very surprised that first night she wore her costume that she didn't pull at her wings, but gladly kept them on all night.   

And here's some shots from actual Halloween.  Had to get pictures of Mila in her Halloween shirt.  Although not shown she also sported candy corn striped socks sent to her from Grandma.
Luckily she is picking up on saying "cheese" for pictures from her friend Sarah which is helping her from looking like a deer as previously seen in this post.
Before trick or treating began we had our traditional Halloween dinner--dinner in a pumpkin and homemade rolls.  Although Mila would only eat the rolls, it all seriously hit the spot for me!
We then went outside to see everyone trick or treating.  Here's Sarah seeing Mila for the first time in their costumes.  Melts my heart!
Sarah was the cutest little ghost.  Chase and I couldn't get over how cute it was to see her skirt swish as she'd walk around.  Our neighbors had a sweet display outside of their house for the trick or treaters.  
And she's off.  
We didn't really go door to door trick or treating.  Chase was out with the missionaries that night and so I felt bad not being home to pass out candy.  So, we just stopped by various neighbors' houses.  Then Mila and I camped out outside of some of our neighbors' houses in their driveways in order to pass out our candy since they had a bonfire set up.  By the end I think we had 5 or 6 different households in the driveways handing out candy to the kids.  It was awesome.  We were just trying to help the kids be more efficient in their trick or treating so they could hit up more houses :)

Mila definitely didn't get the concept this Halloween, and frankly by the end she was ticked that I wasn't giving her all of the candy we had for the trick or treaters.  Hopefully next year she'll understand it all better.  Evidence right here.  Here I am giving candy to the girls and Mila's just taking it for herself.


Lydia said...

So cute! I am glad you guys are doing so well. We wish we could be there to party with you!
So, random, but I think I know one of the woman in your picture. Her name is Amanda (or it could be her twin, but I don't know her twin.) We were in the same major at BYU-Idaho.

Christy Gunnell said...

Yeah it's Amanda! I'll have to tell her about the connection :) small world!!

Christy Gunnell said...

Yeah it's Amanda! I'll have to tell her about the connection :) small world!!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness--Mila is so cute, and getting so big!!! Loving all these updates, by the way. :)

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