Friday, November 2, 2012

A Visit from the Checketts

The weekend of General Conference, Chase's sister and family came down from Connecticut to visit us.  It just so happened that Andrews was holding their static air show that weekend as well.  So, Saturday morning we went to the historic hanger where the outgoing president always gives his "final" speech before flying one last time on Air Force One home after his presidency term is over.  We didn't get to tour Air Force One, but we did get to go inside Air Force Two.
Here's Will peeking out of the cockpit.  
 Gabe manning the controls.
We had the amazing opportunity to meet the very first Air Force One pilot, Eisenhower's pilot. 
 Here are the helicopters that most of our friends here fly.  Mila loves helicopters.
We also spent the weekend enjoying each other's company.  Gabe enjoyed going into Mila's room every morning when she woke up and reading her stories in her crib.
 We also made sure to carry on the Stratford tradition of Eggs Benedict during Conference.
Gabe was cracking us up walking around strapped to Mila's Bebe Pod.  He reminded me of a bumblebee.  It was quite ingenious though since he had a seat to sit on everywhere he went.
Dayna taught us a new way to entertain kiddos.  We made swings out of blankets in the living room.  Mila to this day will grab a blanket and ask to "swing."
 Thanks for visiting Checketts!  Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

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