Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Move

On the Tuesday after Labor Day we started our journey to DC.  As you can see in this picture, I had our Rogue packed to the brim.  Poor Mila was boxed in.  All of our stuff weighed over 600 lbs.  Why do I know this?  Because I had to weigh our car completely empty, and then again once I had loaded everything in order for the Air Force to pay me for a partial move.  Anyway, as you can also tell from this picture, my mom and I woke Mila up bright and early at 5AM and started driving.  Doing this allowed me to drive until the first time I had to fill up with gas, which was so nice.
To pass the time in the car, I bought a few new "toys" for Mila.  She was especially fond of her new "Elmo" coloring book.
She also spent time playing with her keyboard.  Thanks Aunt Dayna and Uncle Nate!  Mila did really well despite having to sit in the car with really only one or two stops where we let her get out and run around.
We drove our first day to Nashville, TN.  I have a brother living there who just recently built a house so it was fun to see his family and their new home.  Mila enjoyed soaking up time with cousins and time with Grandma.  She really has been spoiled by having grandparents around for the last 8 months.
Mila and Aliya bonding--I'm so glad that Mila will have at least one female cousin close to her in age.
After spending two days in Nashville we kept driving.  The second day was a longer drive (first day was 8, second day was 11), but man, it was a pretty drive.  I am a fan of Tennessee and western Virginia.  We arrived in DC about 6PM, got things squared away with our hotel, unpacked our car, and showered just in time to go pick up Chase at the airport at 8:30PM.  Mila and I surprised him by walking up behind him at the baggage claim.  It was one happy reunion.  Mila warmed up a lot faster this go around.

The next day I drove my mom to the airport.  Mila cried apparently the whole time we were gone--saying goodbye to Grandma was hard, plus she was worried that her one constant, me, left her.  That first week we stayed in family temporary lodging.  It was really nice, but we were anxious to move into a place of our own.  Finally, after 9 months we have our own place again!
Isn't it cute?  We LOVE being here on base and the street that we live on.  The wives on my street are seriously the coolest.  I mean, they get together once a week for brunch--eating and socializing, what more could you want?!  And Mila even already has a friend who lives on the end of the cul de sac with us.  The Lord truly had His hand in guiding us to this place--such an answer to prayers.  We got a lot done with the house the first week, but now our progressed has slowed.  I have been meaning to do a video tour of the place for family to see but have been waiting for it to be "done."  I'm realizing though that it will probably never be "done."  So stay tuned for an upcoming video tour.

Another reason for us being happy with living on base is because of the hours Chase has been putting in at work.  He goes in to work at 7:30AM MWF (7AM workout on Tu/Th and then reports at 8:30AM) and doesn't come home until 6PM usually at the earliest.  So thank heavens he doesn't have to deal with commuting too.  Mila would never see him if that were the case.  We've been told that this base is unusually busy and that any assignment after this will seem like a breeze, so we are trying not to complain about his long days.  He's loving the work so that's what really counts.  Plus, he is currently in his first court trial!  Crazy, huh?  After one month he will already have one case under his belt.  Plus, he is so, so stoked because he has been put on a case that will potentially require him to fly to Ukraine to interview witnesses since the crime took place in Kiev.  Again, the Lord truly had His hand in our placement.  Chase is excited.  Here's a picture of his "home."  This is the Jones building where he works.  It's really nice.  Chase is loving having an office, although we still need to get his diplomas/licenses framed.
To finish this very long post off, why not a picture of this handsome man?  It's such an honor to be a part of the military, specifically the Air Force.  I love the daily reminders we have here on base of how fortunate we are to live in this country.  The end.


Holly said...

Yay yay yay! I loved reading this post! LOVE your cute little house!!! So fun! And we're so proud of Chase! And so happy you are all finally together, in your own place once again. So glad he's enjoying the work & that you're enjoying where you are! We miss you!!!

Marcus Lane said...

Looks awesome, I like the house, enjoy!!