Thursday, October 4, 2012

San Antonio

When my plans for moving to DC early got delayed due to our house not being ready, I decided to jump in the car and visit our cousins the Wilcoxs down in San Antonio.  It was a 5 hour drive, which allowed me to test out a few things before making the 20+ hour drive to DC.  I determined that waking up at 5AM to start driving is so worth it because I could drive the whole 5 hours without having to stop since Mila would go in and out of sleeping.  While we were in San Antonio we were able to hit up Sea World twice!  (Thanks Aunt Debi for the pass!)

The Seasame Street area was the only water attraction open since we went during the school year.  It was a hit with the girls though!
 Mila loves busting a move to "C is for Cookie" so we had to get a picture with Cookie Monster.  Unlike Paisley, Mila was captivated by the large Sesame Street characters.
Mila constantly wanted to ride the "horses".  Good thing I like Merry-Go-Rounds too.

Mila actually wanted to try out other kiddie rides too.  This particular one is kind of like the rocking ships you see at carnivals that goes higher and higher, except it also started spinning.  Mila requested to ride this one twice, even though both times when it would reach its peak she would start shaking and let out nervous little cries.  Why she wanted to ride it again is beyond my comprehension.

Doesn't Mila look so grown up in this one?!  I think it's the fact that she's holding on to the rail.
A highlight for me (and Mila I think) was feeding the dolphins.  I LOVE dolphins.  Mila was able to throw a fish in herself.
Good thing I was with Russell and Trish because they made time for us to ride some adult rides too.  I don't know the last time I have gone on a roller coaster.  It was awesome.  I will say, the Steel Eel really did take my breath away, Trish.
The girls patiently waiting for us to finish our ride.
I have to say my favorite show had to be Azul.  It was full of dolphins, birds, whales, and divers.  There was something constantly going on which was right up Mila's alley.  I LOVED watching how excited Mila got seeing everything.  She was on the edge of my lap the whole time.  I love moments like these.
Russell is quite the photographer, so he got some nice shots of the girls.  We are hoping they come out here to Virginia for school!!  We know Paisley and Mila would be instant buddies like Russell and Chase were growing up.
While I was there I had to introduce them to Rudy's BBQ and Blue Bell ice cream.  I had been craving Rudy's all summer since the closest one to Dallas is all the way in Waco.  As you can see in this picture, Russell got a little carried away in trying all the many flavors Blue Bell has to offer.  So good!
The trip was a nice distraction since I was missing seeing Chase who was in DC at the time for training.    Next post, DC!!!

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