Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wrapping Up the Summer

So I need to do a bit of updating so that I can start blogging about being here in Maryland.  First, finishing up the summer.  Mila spent many a day lounging with the dogs.  Seriously, these guys were so patient with Mila.  By the end of our stay, Mila was biting Bentley's stump-of-a-tail (the miniature schnauzer) and walking up to Annie and just falling back on her.  She's missing these canines already.
 We practiced saying "cheese" and smiling for pictures.  Still a work in progress.
Our newest nephew was born down in Galveston.  Look at his proud brothers.  Presenting Finn!  Sad that I didn't get to see the little guy before I left.
 Mila thoroughly enjoyed Grandma's garden and helped plant her fall crops.  This girl is not afraid of getting dirty that's for sure.  Can't wait to garden with her in the spring!
After Mila discovered the joy of bouncing on trampolines in Utah, I searched for trampoline parks in Dallas.  I came across this place that didn't even charge Mila and I.  Sweet, free bouncing!  Mila LOVED it.  

Mila attended her first official birthday party where she could actually eat and enjoy the junk food that comes with parties.  Seriously I think she ate more frosting at this party than her own.  I can't blame her though since the cupcakes were mini bundt cakes from "Nothing Bundt Cake."  Delicious!  Mila was definitely a messier eater than her buddy Aelyn.
 We are hoping that Ava and her family get stationed at Andrews here in the next year.  Fingers crossed!
I was so fortunate to see my bestie from high school, Audra, 3 times in the last 2 weeks I was in Texas. Sure love this girl, and I can't wait for her to visit us here.
Here she is teaching me the art of the "sorority pose."  Apparently putting your hand on your hip makes your arms look skinnier.  I will never pose the same again...ha ha.
One more post about our summer and then I will be on to more current events!