Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updating...Smith Family Reunion

Trying to manage a toddler solo often results in me not taking a lot of pictures.  However, thanks to my brother, I have a few pictures of our family's gathering in Texas last month.  With twelve cousins around, Mila was thoroughly entertained.
 The cousins introduced Mila to a classic toy--Legos.
Part of our festivities included hitting up "Amazing Jake's."  Under one roof you can eat, rock climb, go-cart, ride a carousel, play mini golf, and more.
Mila enjoyed riding the carousel with whoever would take her.  She also tried to learn how to golf in order to impress her father.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed the rock wall as well as racing go-carts against my brothers, nieces, and nephews.
Of course we had to make time for swimming and a BBQ.
We ended our time together with a surprise Retirement Party for my mom at the local Italian restaurant, Luigi's.  After almost 20 years of teaching, my mom retired.  I am so grateful for all her years of working and for the amazing teacher that she is by nature.  She teaches Mila through her interactions daily.  I am so happy she's retired now so she can have the freedom to visit family more often!   
Never a dull moment when the Smiths get together.  These gatherings are too short and too infrequent.  Here's hoping we can get together again sooner than later. 

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Tiffany said...

I love her pink and purple bow while riding the carousel. I'm glad you got to visit family. Time for a girls' reunion!!