Thursday, July 12, 2012

A lot of updating...

I realize that many of our friends and family are not near us these days, and I apologize that I have been falling behind in updating our blog regularly.  I tend to just post pictures on Instagram.  But for those who don't have Instagram let me recap the past month or so...

Beginning of June Mila and I flew to Kansas City to visit Chase's oldest sister and her family.  We had a blast!  Mila loved spending time with cousins while I enjoyed time with Lindsay and Ryan.  Our trip consisted of parks, eating, swimming lots, and even a little teaching--Lindsay invited me to team teach with her at their Stake's Youth Conference.
I also busted out a dress for Mila.  It was way easy with my SIL cutting and pinning things for me.  Now her and her cousin have matching dresses.
As a birthday gift to Mila we signed her up for a "Mommy & Me" swim class.  She learned to kick, blow bubbles (which for Mila means sticking her mouth in the water), and go under the water.  She has no fear of water that's for sure.  We spend lots of time around water (who doesn't when it's so stinkin hot!), and one day while swimming with her cousins she fell off a lounge chair onto the concrete and got her first bad boo-boo.  Poor girl.  It's all healed now but the new skin is much whiter than her tan face.
We also spend lots of time playing on the back patio, and she's learned a thing or two from the dogs while being out there.  Whoops.
We frequent the library and have started attending the children's hour.  Mila was front and center for her first day.
Mila had to get her hair cut for the THIRD time in preparation to go see Daddy.  This time she had a professional cut at an actual salon.  She was loving the Barbie car.
The big event of this past month was our trip to Montgomery, AL to see Chase graduate from Commissioned Officer Training.
I plan on doing a whole post just on COT, what Chase went through, and our trip.  But for now, here is Chase with his flight instructor--really nice guy and was actually voted the best flight instructor by all the other instructors.
And here is Chase with his roommate, Hubler.  Such a tender mercy that these two were paired together, especially since he also is LDS.
Stay tuned for more on COT and pictures of my handsome hubby in uniform!!

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Rachel Wilson said...

This is so fun! And thanks for thinking of us non-instagrammers :) The picture of Mila drinking out of the dog bowl made me laugh out loud! That's hilarious! Let it not be said that she's not observant :) I'm glad you guys are doing well. Looking forward to the next post!