Sunday, July 15, 2012


The Air Force (and probably every branch of military) uses a lot of acronyms.  COT stands for Commissioned Officer Training.  Pretty much it's for individuals with advanced degrees who are joining the military like medical, pharmaceutical, and legal personnel as well as chaplains.  We had a good friend go through COT with the Navy, and so he tried to prepare Chase for what it would be like.  But honestly, I don't think you could really imagine it until going through it.  I will do my best to explain the pictures, even though I wasn't there.

Chase said his first week was brutal.  Lots of yelling.  Lots of standing and waiting and being corrected for anything and everything.  He and his roommate both were seriously questioning their decision.  Thank goodness he had "Hubs" to lean on.
The COT class was one of the largest ever with over 300 people in it.  They divided the class into three squadrons and within the squadrons they were divided up again by flights.  Here's his squadron.
Each flight had 15 people in it.  You did everything with your flight.  Chase was in flight G or Golf.
You marched A LOT as a flight! (Chase is second back on your right) 
You did PT (physical training) as a flight.  Their PT started at 5AM, hence the reflectors.  Yuck!
You had to complete tasks or "missions" as a flight.
You underwent a crazy obstacle course/ropes course as a flight.  This one involved swinging, tight rope walking, and climbing a 40 foot wall in order to walk out on a skinny telephone pole 20 feet. They called it the "toothpick".  Pretty crazy if you ask me.  Chase was one of three that was able to climb the rock wall on their first try.

Chase lucked out and had an amazing flight.  They won "Most Professional Flight" twice during COT.
He also lucked out and had an amazing flight instructor.  His instructor was actually voted "Best Flight Instructor" by his peers at COT.  Here he is "coining" Chase while giving him his certificate of completion and then after graduation.
I visited the room where they spent most of their time.  It was their instruction room.  It was here that Mila was able to meet Chase's friend's little boy--another potential suitor.
These three did most everything together.  It was so nice to meet them and to have reaffirmed how nice everyone is in the military.  These three are hoping for Germany as their next assignment so they can reunite.
The graduation events were nice since they were short and to the point (30 minute graduation...that's what I'm talking about!), but it was blazin' hot and everything was outside.  The squadrons marched in front of the crowd and then took their oath again.
I am definitely glad I was able to see some of these things first hand and meet some of these great people.  I definitely left Andrews Air Force base having a greater respect for the military and a deeper pride to be a part of something much, much bigger than me.  These men and women truly bring honor to this nation!


Elyse Alexandria said...

This is Jordan. What awesome photo's! I'm so happy Chase is in the Air Force too. Now there is someone I can share boot camp stories with and have them understand :) So Proud and jealous that he outranks me already ;)

taryn said...

That is intense, but very cool!! Congrats to chase for completing it. Sounds like exciting things are in store for your cute family (Germany?! Brady totally knows the air force base over there)!