Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Pictures

I am happy to finally post our Gunnell family pictures.  Again, our photographer was Brooke Moon.  The photos turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  Hopefully there's one that Chase's parents like well enough to mount above their fireplace.  Those of our friends that have been to their house know that the current picture above the mantel is not the most flattering of Chase ;).  In his defense, did any of us not look awkward during our teenage years?!  I mean come on.
Don't you love this classic shot of the grandparents and grandkids?  I personally love Tyler's face on the far right.
So the last time we took family pictures this funny incident occurred.  So the siblings felt they should recreate the moment.
Our family's little shoot.
By far my favorite shot of the day!  I love both of their smiles!!
The whole family together at last!  Don't worry we planned ahead and had Karlee's fiance join in the pictures.  I mean shoot, if it takes another 10 years to update the mantel photo we better get him in it!

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Rachel Wilson said...

These pictures are beautiful!! I love the colors!