Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mila's Birthday Celebrations

It was a lot of fun to celebrate Mila's birthday even if she didn't fully understand the significance of May 17th.  However, I wonder if she sensed something was special about the day because she slept the best she had since coming to Texas and seemed to laugh and giggle all day.

The day started out with Chase's French toast, a crowd favorite.  Then Mila opened her presents from us and my parents.   
Mila loves going to splash pads and so we thought we'd get a miniature one for the backyard.  After heading to Target for Mila to pick out a few more little toys we returned home and set the toy up.  Mila put on her birthday swimsuit and headed outside.  She was hesitant at first but seemed to warm up quickly to it.
After our fun in the sun, we made sure to document the official moment Mila turned one.  We had to document both 12:59 and 1:00 PM (2:00PM CST) since it's unsure at what time she was born due to the initial chaos.
Once my parents got home we ate dinner (I made a pasta dish I thought Mila might be able to eat...she seemed to like it) and then headed to the Rockwall harbor for frozen yogurt.  We let Mila get her very own bowl.
We kept the party going by celebrating with some of Mila's cousins on Saturday at the Rockwall park.  We chose this location because it has a splash pad that we go to often.  Mila enjoyed playing in the water and having doggie cupcakes.

I decided to make doggie cupcakes since she LOVES dogs and says that word ("da da") more often than any other word next to "No."
I made the faces with grape fruit leather (the ears), mini chocolate chips (the eyes), M&M's (the nose), gum drops (the tongue), and then edible pearls.  The cupcake itself was just a vanilla cake mix with chocolate peanut butter Haagen Dazs ice cream (since Mila loves pb) substituted in for the water of the cake mix (discovered this trick on KSL yummy!).
I would say the cupcakes were a success since Mila was "woofing" while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  I wanted her to have a treat that was something she would love.  She gobbled most of the cupcake up and the rest she squished in her hands for a long time.
Happy birthday little girl!


Kendra said...

Yay! I'm glad it was such a successful birthday. I wish we had been there to celebrate with her. Love the doggie cupcakes. Good job!

Holly said...

So fun!!! I love the little splash pad--my boys would LOVE that! (where did you get it?) The cupcakes are adorable. Glad the celebrations went well!

Christy Gunnell said...

I got it at Target! Got to love Target.

Rachael said...

love the cupcakes! what a fun, but still low-key and totally Mila birthday!

Audrey Henderson said...

so cute!! All of it, the cupcakes, the girl the awesome parents! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILA!