Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Christy!

Before any of you accuse Christy of self-promoting, I have to say that I, Chase, wrote this post and Christy knows nothing about it.  Christy and I have a tradition of writing poems for each other on special occasions like Christmas and Mother's/Father's Day.  I wanted to publish this poem as a testament to how amazing Christy is.  But for all of you English majors out there, I warn you that we don't follow any of the traditional norms in writing verse.  We try to get words that rhyme, but we don't always succeed.  We try to get sentences and stanzas that flow, but as you will see, that is not always the case.  What we try to convey is how much we love the other person.  I wanted Christy to know how much I love and appreciate her.  


Happy Mother’s Day, Christy.
I hope it’s all it can be
I just wanted to take a sec
And spend some time to reflect

Since it’s your first Mother’s Day
I wanted a chance to say
A few things that I admire about you
For all the things that you do

This past year has been a blast
It is sad how fast it has passed
But one thing that I really love
How as a parent you have risen above

Although “dada” was Mila’s first phrase
To Mila, you give meaning to the day
Every second from dawn until dusk
You are an absolute must

She smiles the most when you are close
And when you’re not, she is morose
She loves it when take time to read
And even when you have time to feed

She loves it when you take her on walks
And when you let her play in the rocks
When you take her to see animals
To her, you guys are best pals

She has excelled and risen
Because the time you have given
You are the mother I thought you would be
And even more quite possibly

And from my unbiased point-of-view
No one could be better than you
Your love and devotion I admire
To be better is my utmost desire

Now on this your first mother’s day
I hope you got what I am trying to portray
You are the best there could be
We love you, Mommy! From Mila and Me. 


Georgie K. Buttons said...

So sweet. I love this! Happy Mother's Day, Sister Gunnell!

Rachel said...

This is so sweet! Props to Chase on this one. Happy Mother's Day, Christy!

Holly said...

So sweet! Happy Mother's Day Christy!

Kendra said...

Aw...nice one, Chase! And happy mother's day to you, Christy! :)

April Haney said...

Aww! Happy Mother's Day Sister Gunnell!