Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mila's Birthday Celebrations

It was a lot of fun to celebrate Mila's birthday even if she didn't fully understand the significance of May 17th.  However, I wonder if she sensed something was special about the day because she slept the best she had since coming to Texas and seemed to laugh and giggle all day.

The day started out with Chase's French toast, a crowd favorite.  Then Mila opened her presents from us and my parents.   
Mila loves going to splash pads and so we thought we'd get a miniature one for the backyard.  After heading to Target for Mila to pick out a few more little toys we returned home and set the toy up.  Mila put on her birthday swimsuit and headed outside.  She was hesitant at first but seemed to warm up quickly to it.
After our fun in the sun, we made sure to document the official moment Mila turned one.  We had to document both 12:59 and 1:00 PM (2:00PM CST) since it's unsure at what time she was born due to the initial chaos.
Once my parents got home we ate dinner (I made a pasta dish I thought Mila might be able to eat...she seemed to like it) and then headed to the Rockwall harbor for frozen yogurt.  We let Mila get her very own bowl.
We kept the party going by celebrating with some of Mila's cousins on Saturday at the Rockwall park.  We chose this location because it has a splash pad that we go to often.  Mila enjoyed playing in the water and having doggie cupcakes.

I decided to make doggie cupcakes since she LOVES dogs and says that word ("da da") more often than any other word next to "No."
I made the faces with grape fruit leather (the ears), mini chocolate chips (the eyes), M&M's (the nose), gum drops (the tongue), and then edible pearls.  The cupcake itself was just a vanilla cake mix with chocolate peanut butter Haagen Dazs ice cream (since Mila loves pb) substituted in for the water of the cake mix (discovered this trick on KSL yummy!).
I would say the cupcakes were a success since Mila was "woofing" while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  I wanted her to have a treat that was something she would love.  She gobbled most of the cupcake up and the rest she squished in her hands for a long time.
Happy birthday little girl!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mila's 1 Year Pictures

Before we left Utah, we had my SIL's friend, Brooke Moon, take some pictures of Mila.  Brooke has been photographing my SIL's family for years, and we've always admired her work.  Chase's parents love her so much that she also took family pictures of the Gunnells when everyone was in town.  We can't wait to see how the family shots turned out because we absolutely love these.  (Check out more of her work here.)
We had to capture Mila with her blankie.  She knows the word blankie, and instantly when she gets a hold of it she begins sucking her two fingers.  Classic Mila. 
 Love this little hat of hers!!
 This is probably my favorite.  Love seeing my daughter in pearls since pearls are close to my heart.
Stay tuned for our Gunnell family pictures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to our little Miss Mi!  Can't believe how quickly this year has flown by and how much she's changed.
2 weeks old
6 months old
1 year old

 Sure do love our little girl.  (More pictures of our photo shoot with Brooke Moon to come...for now, we are gonna party!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Birthday Boy

This week is quite a busy week of celebrations in the Gunnell home.  It seems like this year everyone has their own special day this week.  After the sweet tribute to me that Chase sneakily posted, I thought I'd jump on the computer while he's out running and let the blogging world all know that today Chase turns 27.  And here's 27 things I love about Chase!

1. He is definitely a family man.  He chose the AF so he could be with us as a family, and in law school he showed us that he will work hard to quickly accomplish his work so he can be home with his girls.
2. His hair.  He just buzzed it in preparation for the Air Force and I'm actually really liking the look on him (I'll post a picture sometime soon so you all can see).
3. He's a planner.  If it weren't for his ability to plan ahead we would not have our job lined up for the end of this month.  It took A LOT of planning and effort to pull it off.
4. He likes to go grocery shopping (not always my favorite thing to do so I love it when he'll do it for me or comes with me).
5. He's always on the go, so he gets a lot of things accomplished during his days.
6. He's smart.
7. He's a good cook and helpful in the kitchen.
8. He's a great support to family members.
9. He looks for the good in people and situations.
10. He helps me in looking for the good in others and situations.
11. He doesn't snore usually.  I include this because recently he's been sick and the medicine he's been taking has made him snore.
12. He likes to drive so I don't have to.
13. He likes sweets so I don't feel like a piggy pig when I want to eat sweets every night.
14. He's good at writing poetry.
15. He tries to take care of his body and be healthy.
16. He'll run slower with me so we can run together.
17. He's a great listener because he validates individuals when they are talking to him.
18. He goes in and picks up Mila in the mornings when I'm really tired and have a hard time popping right out of bed.
19. He's a great father.  Mila is going to go through withdrawals when he leaves us this summer.
20. He's good with finances (an area I lack in).
21. He likes going shopping and has good fashion sense.
22. He's clean and tidy in comparison to most boys.
23. He likes playing tennis with me even though I am not much competition for him.
24. He lets me pick chick flick after chick flick to watch when it's my turn to pick a movie.
25. He puts up with me on a daily basis.
26. He's taller than me.
27. He compliments me daily and often makes me feel like a million bucks.

So there ya have it.  My list for the 27 year old.  Wish him a happy birthday.  But if you see him in person, don't sing to him...he doesn't like being the center of attention.  Silly Chasers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Christy!

Before any of you accuse Christy of self-promoting, I have to say that I, Chase, wrote this post and Christy knows nothing about it.  Christy and I have a tradition of writing poems for each other on special occasions like Christmas and Mother's/Father's Day.  I wanted to publish this poem as a testament to how amazing Christy is.  But for all of you English majors out there, I warn you that we don't follow any of the traditional norms in writing verse.  We try to get words that rhyme, but we don't always succeed.  We try to get sentences and stanzas that flow, but as you will see, that is not always the case.  What we try to convey is how much we love the other person.  I wanted Christy to know how much I love and appreciate her.  


Happy Mother’s Day, Christy.
I hope it’s all it can be
I just wanted to take a sec
And spend some time to reflect

Since it’s your first Mother’s Day
I wanted a chance to say
A few things that I admire about you
For all the things that you do

This past year has been a blast
It is sad how fast it has passed
But one thing that I really love
How as a parent you have risen above

Although “dada” was Mila’s first phrase
To Mila, you give meaning to the day
Every second from dawn until dusk
You are an absolute must

She smiles the most when you are close
And when you’re not, she is morose
She loves it when take time to read
And even when you have time to feed

She loves it when you take her on walks
And when you let her play in the rocks
When you take her to see animals
To her, you guys are best pals

She has excelled and risen
Because the time you have given
You are the mother I thought you would be
And even more quite possibly

And from my unbiased point-of-view
No one could be better than you
Your love and devotion I admire
To be better is my utmost desire

Now on this your first mother’s day
I hope you got what I am trying to portray
You are the best there could be
We love you, Mommy! From Mila and Me.