Friday, February 17, 2012

Mila's 9 months!

*18 months ago on August 17, 2010, Chase and I found ourselves yet again not pregnant*
*One month later on Sept. 14, we found ourselves finally pregnant after 9 months of trying*
*Then, 9 months to the day from our big let down, we found ourselves holding our Miss Mi*

And here we are today with Mila turning 9 months old (shout out to her friend, Calvin Smith, who is 1 year old today!!). It's crazy to look back at the timing of everything. The Lord definitely was behind it all. And it's crazy to think that Mila is now 9 months old. I know I haven't done well keeping the blogging world informed on her monthly stats and accomplishments (however, I have documented it all in her baby book), I thought I would describe what our little 9 month girl is like these days.

Mila loves...
Animals. Stuffed, animated, real--doesn't matter, she loves them.
Books. She will play in her book bin more often than her toy bin. She is really good at turning the pages and loves us reading to her.
Her blanket. She goes down seamlessly when you give her her blanket to snuggle with as she dozes off (thank you Kailee for her blanket of choice!)
My wooden "Christy" puzzle. She will play with the wooden pieces for what feels like a half hour.
Praise & attention. She gets so excited and flaps her hands in what looks like her attempt at clapping when we cheer for her.

In other news...
After teething for what felt like 5 months, this past month she cut her first tooth (her bottom right).

She goes to bed between 7 & 7:30PM and usually sleeps through the night until 7AM. She has had her nights though this past night whether because of teething or a cold where she'd wake and need to be nursed back to sleep. She has transitioned to just two naps a day each ranging from 1-2 hours.

She eats about anything, although she still dislikes peas and baby food chicken. We still have to limit what she eats (no bananas, sweet potatoes, barley, or applesauce) due to her weak digestive system. Besides baby food, she eats bread, cheerios, pears, and string cheese.

She currently is working on crawling. She will rock while on her knees, but doesn't quite know how to move her hands and knees in sync.

She is a little jabber box recently. She repeatedly babbles "Ba" "Da" "Ma" and is working on "Pa". But, recently she started saying jibberish to herself that reminds us of the little transformer on the movie Transformers. It is hilarious!
We really love this stage. She's such a delight. We love ya, little Miss Mi.


Curt said...

Happy 9 months Mila! I love the 9 month stage--one of my favorite ages. Thanks for the text & the shout out for Calvin's b-day! How fun that when they're married their birthdays will be exactly 9 months apart. :) She is so adorable!!!

Holly said...

Sorry...that was me. :)

Jackson said...

Your daughter is such a cutie.