Friday, January 27, 2012


It snowed at the beginning of the week, and Mila finally got a chance to experience it! It had snow a few Saturdays ago, but by the time Chase finished his BAR studying for the day it had melted. So, we jumped at the chance to bundle Mila up this time and take her out.
She made a snow angel.
I built her a snowman (Chase chose to be the photographer on this adventure rather than getting his hands dirty (or wet in this case)).
All in all, she didn't mind the snow. She wasn't a huge fan of laying down in the snow because it was still snowing outside and so it was getting in her eyes. But, she didn't cry so we count it a successful outing.


youhadme_atohey said...

She is SO cute!! Love it:)

Mark and Elaina said...

Haha so cute! I love the first picture! Kind of reminiscent of A Christmas Story - "I can't put my arms down!" Plus she looks so tiny in that big snowsuit. Plus, plus her face is so cute! Awww fun times!

Kendra said...

Cute! I love the snow angel. She is such a doll. She and Owen will have beautiful children. :)