Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Texas Fun with My Bro & Family

While in Texas I had a chance to spend time with my brother Jeff and his family. Mila enjoyed hanging out at their home because they too have dogs for Mila to laugh at. Meet Winston and Bunker, an odd pair, but they sure love each other.
Mila also enjoyed being doted on by her older cousins. I love watching them play with and hold Mila. Mila's biggest admirer had to be Rachel. She was so nice to entertain Mila.
Jeff and Kari always find cool things to hit up in Dallas (a future post will be fully devoted to one of our outings). One night we tried out Twisted Root Burger near SMU. They have lots of different meats. I wasn't brave enough to try the Elk meat, but Jeff tried buffalo I believe. I thoroughly enjoyed their twisted lemonade.

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jan said...

You should definitely try the elk next time. It's the leanest beef you've ever eaten. Way better than antelope!