Friday, December 16, 2011

Quality Time with the Parentals/Gparentals

Since tickets to Texas were crazy expensive during Thanksgiving, we couldn't make the trip home as a family this year. But, we found a cheap ticket for me to fly home the week after Thanksgiving out of Provo's airport no less (thank you Frontier Airlines). So I packed up the little one and we made the flight alone out here to Texas while Chase stayed back to study and take his finals.

Mila was a champ on both flights. On our way out, she slept for a bit on both flights and didn't seem to get frustrated with having to stay on my lap, even when the man in front of me on our Denver to Dallas flight (the longer flight) reclined his seat THE ENTIRE TIME. I now have a great understanding as to why Chase never reclines his seat on a really inconveniences the person behind you. Oh well, Mila didn't mind. We were blessed to make some friends on both flights who helped me with Mila. Tender mercy for sure. Our flights back also went smoothly, and we actually had a spare seat on both flights. Mila loved lounging in the seat during the flight!

Although I missed seeing my brothers Chip and Brad and his family, I did get to spend some quality time with my parents and my brother Jeff and his family (post forthcoming). Some highlights of my time with my parents include...

**Seeing the Muppet Movie with my dad...we thought it was hilarious! I can't stop laughing about the chickens clucking to that "Forget You" song. So funny.
**Decorating the house with all the Christmas decor. I even found a Christmas book I wrote in the 7th grade while pulling out the decorations. I was a pretty good writer if I do say so myself.
**Watching Christmas movies on Ion at night.
**Traveling to Arlington to check out the German Christmas celebration held outside the ballpark. There were lots of cute vendors and authentic food. We left with a yummy schnitzel!
I had to take this picture to document how well Mila is standing up. Although my mom's hands are around her, she was standing for quite awhile without help just people watching. She likes people watching.
A Mila-size Nutcracker!
**Going to Northpark mall to see all the Christmas decorations. We even got to watch a little puppet show where Scrooge talked to all the kiddos watching.
Grandpa helped Mila get a closer look at the ducks. One thing this trip helped solidify in my mind is that Mila is an animal lover. She would giggle quite frequently when my parents' dogs would bark and loved going to the pet store.
There you have it, some of the highlights. Mila sure loved spending time with her Texas grandparents.

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Kendra said...

I have always loved flying with Owen because I see so much good around me. People are always so willing to help and are really understanding of a mom traveling by herself with a baby. It's great. It looks like it was a really fun trip. I'm excited to catch up with you when we get back. Also, Miles said he's jealous that you got a schnitzel.