Monday, November 28, 2011

Recent Projects

So, when Mila's napping or at night after she's gone to bed I've been packing in some projects. I'm grateful I have a crafty MIL nearby because she helps keep me busy with projects :) My current project is crocheting infinity scarves. I have been trying to pick up this new skill of crocheting, and let me tell you it's taking me lots of practice. I have a deep respect for the many individuals who can crochet. These infinity scarves are simple enough that they make for a perfect project to refine my meager skills. I started first with a little one for Mila. Isn't she the cutest model?!
This week I just finished my long, ongoing project, which I promised Chase I would complete 2 Christmases ago--Christmas socks. Chase loves his family's Christmas socks, so I agreed to make them for our family. It involved lots of cutting out of little shapes, some appliqueing, lots of stitching by hand, and a little sewing by machine. Here are the finished products:
And the close ups...
So while I'm in Texas I'll be busting out my adult size infinity scarves, a few more small ones for Mila, and sew a few Christmas gift ideas I have in mind. My creativity juices are a flowin!


Mark and Elaina said...

You rock! I thoroughly impressed!

Mark and Elaina said...

or I AM thoroughly impressed. Sorry Tyler was grabbing the computer so I was trying to write as fast as possible.

Kendra said...

Great job, Christy! And while you may admire crocheters, I admire the fact that you can sew so well. That's something I need more practice with! And I love Mila's baby infinity scarf. So cute.

cameron and chelsea said...

I wish we lived closer so we could be crafty together! And have game nights. Mila is way adorable in that picture. Cameron & I just adore that girl. Seriously. I've never seen a more adorable baby in boots, scarves, and headbands. You are so cute!