Monday, November 28, 2011

Recent Projects

So, when Mila's napping or at night after she's gone to bed I've been packing in some projects. I'm grateful I have a crafty MIL nearby because she helps keep me busy with projects :) My current project is crocheting infinity scarves. I have been trying to pick up this new skill of crocheting, and let me tell you it's taking me lots of practice. I have a deep respect for the many individuals who can crochet. These infinity scarves are simple enough that they make for a perfect project to refine my meager skills. I started first with a little one for Mila. Isn't she the cutest model?!
This week I just finished my long, ongoing project, which I promised Chase I would complete 2 Christmases ago--Christmas socks. Chase loves his family's Christmas socks, so I agreed to make them for our family. It involved lots of cutting out of little shapes, some appliqueing, lots of stitching by hand, and a little sewing by machine. Here are the finished products:
And the close ups...
So while I'm in Texas I'll be busting out my adult size infinity scarves, a few more small ones for Mila, and sew a few Christmas gift ideas I have in mind. My creativity juices are a flowin!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving with Chase's parents, paternal grandparents, and sister, Karlee. My assignment was to make rolls, stuffing, and gravy. My family's stuffing cooks inside the turkey so I had the fun opportunity to stick my hand up the turkey. Nice.
While the bird was cooking, in typical Gunnell fashion, we played cards. Mila joined in. We're starting her early.
Dinner was delicious and the company was pretty sweet too! Hope everyone else stuffed themselves as well as we did.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mila's 6 Months Old!!

Seriously, I know everyone says this, but I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old (well actually she turned 6 months last week). Where has the time gone?! We sure do love our little one and find each week becoming more and more fun. Here's a look at her progression over the past 6 months.
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
On her 6th Month Birthday!
Some stats on our little Miss Mi...
Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz
Height: 26.2 inches
This puts her around the 60-70%. We love our little chunkier so we're happy with her growth.

*She is sitting up all on her own and rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy, although she would much rather be sitting up so she doesn't roll as often as she use to.
*She is expressing her opinion more and more. She HATES being taken out of the bath. She also shows frustration when we strap her in her car seat because she would rather be sitting up not strapped back.
*She laughs and squeals! It's the greatest. She consistently will squeal when we start the bath water.
*She loves people watching. She loves riding in her stroller now that we face her forward because she can just soak in everything around her.
*She sleeps through the night completely!! Roughly 7PM-7AM. It's great.
*She is eating solids. Her favorites are sweet potatoes and oatmeal. She has also tried carrots, apple sauce, apple juice, and prunes. We stopped rice cereal and switched to oatmeal because Mila has difficulty with bowel movements. Sadly we have had to do a few suppositories :(
*She has showed signs of teething since month 4, but still no teeth...instead we get lots of drool...
Sure do love our little Miss Mi and look forward to the next 6 months.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Gratitude List

I feel I should take a moment and write down some of the things I'm grateful for this year. We took the chance for Family Home Evening one night to make hand turkeys listing our top four things to be grateful for. I included on my turkey:
1. Mila and her smiles--her presence in our home has given our lives so much more meaning. And her smiles have brightened my days tremendously.
2. Chase and his constant positivity--I'm grateful to be married to an individual who makes up where I lack. Plus, I'm so grateful for how helpful Chase is around the house. I really lucked out with a husband who often asks how he can help me out in the kitchen or around the house.
3. The gospel and the happiness it brings me--I really find my greatest happiness from living the principles of the gospel. Plus, the gospel offers me eternal happiness with my family and for that I will be eternally grateful.
4. Sweets (come on, you'd be lying if that wasn't in your top ten!)

to continue on...
5. My family--although we are spread across the nation I sure do love and miss them like crazy! I can't wait to see some of my family next week as I fly home to Texas.
6. My in-laws--I really lucked out and have married into an amazing family. Chase's parents are always so thoughtful, and I cherish the friendships I've made with Chase's siblings and sibling in-laws.
7. Extended family--I am grateful that I married into a family that stays so close with their extended family, but I am also grateful for my extended family. They have been supportive in many different ways to Chase and I over the past few years.
8. A healthy body--I lucked out again that I have been able to bounce back pretty smoothly from pregnancy. I sure do enjoy having my body back to "normal" and being able to go running again.
9. Friends, old and new--I find it such a blessing to be able to surround yourself with individuals who make you feel like a million bucks and push you to be better. I am grateful for the many friends in my life who do just that.
10. Our home--I love our home. Now, while we are in the midst of trying to sell, more than ever I realize how blessed we have been to live in such a great condo in such a great location. Because of our condo's location we have met some of our closest couple friends.

That's my 2011 list. This year Chase and I actually wrote something we were grateful for each day and put it a "Thankful Tub"--a tradition we hope to continue from this point forward. I hope I can continue to find something new each day to be grateful for--living with an attitude of gratitude. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mila has a twin

So while at Chase's parents' the other day we discovered Mila's twin. Look at those bellies!! We just can't get enough of her chub...the cheeks, the thighs, and the gut.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We started out our Halloween with a photo shoot because, come on, when you have a cute baby and holiday attire, you've got to document it! Here's Mila in her pj's with her personal pumpkin given to her at Pumpkinland and then her day wear.
That evening we dressed up for the last time in our costumes. We sported these outfits for the law school Halloween party, our ward party, and then Halloween night to visit family. Presenting the Top "Guns".
This costume we felt worked on so many levels. One, our name is GUN-nell. Plus, Chase has applied to the Air Force. And Mila's stroller made for a perfect plane since it is three-wheeled. And, we only had to buy Mila's outfit since Chase's grandpa is a retired Air Force pilot. And doesn't she look like the cutest pilot ever???
I also have to document that our night involved eating my dinner in a pumpkin. Yum! In years past Chase's mom has made this, but this year I took my stab at it and it turned out pretty good. This definitely is a tradition for years to come.
Holidays truly are more fun with kiddos. Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!