Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I have so much to blog about but no Internet at home to work with so for now I'm using Chase's phone to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Here's a sneak peak of little Miss Mi's costume. More pictures to come, not taken with the phone's camera.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mila's Nursery Revealed

When we returned from Texas I spent most of my free time trying to finish up Mila's nursery since we never know how long we will have until our condo sells. I have to say Mila's room is my favorite room in our home now (not that we have many rooms, ha ha). Well here goes at my attempt of giving you a "tour" of her room.
First her crib. I have to give my mom credit for making the bumpers, crib skirt, and quilt. We picked out the fabric last Christmas. I wanted soft, classy colors. I love flowers, so it was fitting that I ended up choosing a print with beautiful hydrangeas. The quilt is so fun because the woman who ended up doing the stitching added a heart with Mila's name and birth date.
Mila has slept in her crib now for the past month or two rather than her Moses basket, but we put blankets on either side of her to help her feel more secure. She always sleep with her blanket from Kailee and her giraffe blanket from Grandpa Gunnell.
On the other end is a pillow and two stuffed animals--a teddy bear from Grandpa Smith and a dog Chase gave me back when we were dating.
Here's what Mila gets to look at on the walls around the crib.
First there is a magnet board I bought from Roberts, painted, and covered with paper. It has pictures and cards sent from cousins and Grandma Smith. On the other wall is a picture of the Savior. I read a long time ago in Marjorie Pay Hinckley's book that she placed a picture of the Savior in each of her children's rooms. I loved the idea and decided a long time ago that I wanted to do that too. This picture will always be in our nursery and I plan on getting a picture of the Savior with a little girl for Mila's room when we have another kid.
Above the crib is a homemade mobile. I got the idea from Pottery Barn, and then found instructions here on my friend's blog on how to make it. It was time consuming, but I love it. I think butterflies go well with the floral bedding.
On the window seal are some fun pictures from the hospital and from pregnancy as well as a flower arrangement I put together. Again, I love flowers :) My mom originally made the valence, but I ended up undoing the hem and lengthening it.
On the wall opposite the window seal is Mila's changing table. I labeled bins in order to keep things organized in such a small space. Above the changing table is a cute picture board that my friend Holly Smith sells. Find them here.
And finally the corner I spend the most time in.
Above my rocking chair we placed a shelf that holds the teddy bear Chase gave me for Valentine's while I was pregnant. It was the first official stuffed animal for Mila. There is also an ultrasound picture, pink sparkly Toms that Aunt Karlee gave Mila, a handmade frame from Aunt Dayna, and one of the most touching books for a new mom that my mother gave me awhile ago.
And there you have it. Mila's nursery!!