Friday, September 16, 2011

What We've Been Up To Lately #4

We've been taking any opportunity to spend time with family that we missed while we were away from Utah. At the beginning of September Chase had the chance to attend his cousin Jordan's sealing while Mila and I walked around the grounds of the Timpanogos temple. It was so fun to finally see these two tie the knot! Mila enjoyed the chance to be next to a beautiful bride :)
Later this month my cousin Chumley returned from his mission in Chile, and so we traveled up to Salt Lake for his homecoming. I felt I should document the amazing luncheon his siblings hosted after church. The Johnson girls go all out!! It was awesome.

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Andrea said...

When did Mila get so big? Just so you know we almost named our girl the same thing, it was our second pick, crazy!!