Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time for Chase

With Chase's internship coming to a close I thought I should toot his horn a bit (since he won't) and explain what the future holds for us. For those who don't know, Chase was selected out of hundreds for 1 of 50 spots available this summer for a JAG internship with the Air Force. Then, we were placed here in San Antonio close to family after the Air Force learned I was having a baby just two weeks before the internship began. This truly has been a huge blessing, not only to be closer to family, but because of the opportunities that Chase has had here at Fort Sam Houston (the base he works at).

During his internship Chase has had the opportunity to really shine. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the office is open for any enlisted individual to come in and receive legal advice and so Chase has helped individuals directly on those days. He has also had the chance to help with a court martial that will sadly take place after we leave. He was given the assignment to write a motion for this particular case that may be placed on the Air Force's database for others to refer to when they need to write a similar motion.

Near the beginning of the summer he was given an assignment that he ran with. He went above and beyond what was asked of him and has really impressed his superiors here. I don't remember what the original assignment was but in the end he created brochures that can be available for enlisted individuals that explains many common legal questions they have such as issues with divorce or changing residency and so forth. Before now there was no resource like this for enlisted individuals. The base is excited to use these brochures.

Also throughout this summer Chase has been working on the packet of information he has to submit to the Air Force. Part of the process of completing his packet has been collecting letters of recommendations from captains and the colonel at his office. In both his interview with his supervisor and with the colonel, Chase received a lot of good feedback and was praised for his work this summer. In fact, one of the individuals who just recently left their base because he is being stationed at a different base said in his closing remarks to everyone at their office that he hopes to work with Chase in the future. What a compliment!

Everyone has been ensuring Chase that he will have no problem being chosen in this next wave of applications. This has been very reassuring since only 6% of the applicants are chosen to become a JAG.

So, now we wait. His packet will be reviewed in October and so we should know by the end of October if he has a job. Then we wait again. He has to pass the bar before he can officially be hired. So in July of next year he will take the bar and once the results come back (sometime in September), if he has passed, the Air Force will hire him. He'll then have to go to officer training in Alabama for four weeks followed by a training camp on military law. Sometime in the midst of these trainings we will be placed in our first assignment. Our assignment is based upon a list of preferences we give the Air Force of where we would like to go, and we've heard they tend to place you at one of your top choices the first go around. So, we are opting to put foreign bases as our top choices first so we can ensure to go overseas. See, Chase isn't sure yet if he will stay with the Air Force after his initial four year commitment. So we want to make sure we get overseas during these 4 years. At this point we are leaning towards the two bases in Germany or a base in Italy, but who knows, it may change.

So that's the 411 on Chase. I am so proud of how hard he has worked, and I am thrilled with the fact that he has found a career that excites him and gives him a variety of things to do so he doesn't get bored :). I'm sure many wives can agree, life is so much better when your husband loves what he is doing. We feel very blessed that the Lord guided us towards this path and that Chase has excelled this summer.


Holly said...

Way to go Chase! That's awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us, Christy! :)

Natasha said...

Way to rock it Chase!! Sounds like you are in the same boat as us now. Officer training is what Mark did last fall and we'll be applying for active duty in a few months. We don't know if we'll stay in after our initial 3 year commitment either so we'll probably put Japan and Hawaii in our top 2. Good luck with everything!! Love you guys! Hope to see you in December.

Kendra said...

That's so exciting! Isn't it nice when you start feeling like the pieces of your life are coming together? I know Miles and I will be so jealous if you get stationed I'm Germany. But that will give us a great excuse to go visit. :D I hope everything continues as planned for you guys!

Justin said...

He's a great man! Congrats Chase!

Audrey Henderson said...

Way to go chase!! Although I can't say I'm surprised, Chase is wicked awesome and clearly brilliant since he married you Christy.

Dayna said...

Good job chase! We knew you would be amazing! I am going to pray for ITALY! (of course!) That would be amazing and we would love to come visit! But I guess germany is right next to italy right, and so that would be amazing too! LOVE YOU GUYS and we are so proud of you!