Saturday, August 13, 2011

The San Antonio Temple

Last Saturday, I was able to join some of Chase's extended family as we witnessed his cousin's fiance going through the temple for the first time. Chase's cousin, Jordan, is in pilot training for the Air Force right now at Del Rio, Texas. Because of this, his parents and fiance flew out here so that Jordan could be a part of this special event since the San Antonio temple is the closest temple to Del Rio. Chase offered to watch Mila so I could attend the temple session with everyone. It felt so good to get back to the temple since I haven't had the chance to go since Mila was born. The San Antonio temple is quite small, but so beautiful. I wish I would have taken a picture of the windows because they have beautiful stain glass images of trees and nature--I loved it! I also loved the fact that it wasn't very tall so you could see very clearly the angel Moroni. I think it's the closest I've ever been to it :)
It was so fun to see family and to introduce them all to Mila. And, it just so happened that the Thatchers were in the same session with us all so we got to see them again. They even surprised us by bringing us the famous large Round Rock do we love those donuts! It was so sweet of them. We had compare its size to Mila's of course.
A yummy donut, friends, family, and the temple--what more could you ask for?


Megs said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! I was sad we couldn't be there, but heard it was beautiful! :)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

It sounds fun trip.
Lovely pics.