Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Arrest

You read it right. I'm on house arrest. Not by any government or city authority. Nope. I'm confined to my house instead by a crazy, mean cat. Let me explain...last week one night while Chase and I were lounging on the couch I started to hear what sounded like a kitten meowing outside. I kept hearing it so I got up and opened up the hanging blinds in order to look out our sliding glass door. And low and behold what did I find??? Four kittens and a ticked mother cat on our patio.
How they got there is beyond me. All I can figure is the mother cat carried each one over the wall. You would think that I would be thrilled to have these visitors seeing as though I am an animal lover, but I'm not because the mother cat is scary. She hisses at you when you get near the glass.
Then she glares at you.
My SIL says it's as though she is sucking the soul out of you. Now, I get it; she's protecting her babies, but seriously it's a bit scary. They have now taken over our patio/porch area since I dare not go out with the mother on the prowl.

This situation has caused me to be a little annoyed with the city of San Antonio because with Texas being hotter than ever (seriously we are hitting all time highs everyday) I am concerned that these cats might die in the heat. I tried calling different animal organizations and have yet to find one that will come and pick up the family of cats. So, I don't know what's going to happen. We leave tomorrow. I'll probably just inform the apartment management and leave it in their hands. Till then, Mila and I will continue to miss our patio where we use to sit. At least Mila enjoys watching the kittens play through the glass window. I wish I had it on film, but one of the cats actually clawed halfway up the screen door. It was pretty impressive.


whitney said...

yikes that mamma does look scary, but her kittens are sure cute!

Unknown said...

hahahaah this is so funny! The fact that you got that picture of the cat angry! I hate cats (: youre adorable for this post haha

Jeff and Kari said...

That is one creepy cat.

Curt said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...cats are one of the many tools of the devil. Look it up. Its no coincidence that Egyptians worshiped them.

Cats are terrible.