Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pool Time

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we spent time with my family in Dallas. Most of our time was spent at my SIL's parents' pool (just the way I like it). We jumped at the chance to introduce Mila to swimming (we want her to be a fish like me). We had a cute swimsuit that we didn't want to go to waste.
I learned though that you aren't suppose to put sunscreen on babies until they are 6 months old. And so I went out looking for a rash guard small enough for Mila to keep her from burning. I also discovered that they don't make swim diapers small enough for a 10 lb baby. So, I had to find an alternative, and I think I found a pretty cute one. I found the last rash guard at Target that they had for someone so small (hence why it is blue...it's all they had left) and I found a speedo, yes a speedo, that is suppose to take the place of a swim diaper. Behold Mila's swim attire...
We think she liked the water...I mean she didn't cry. She just quietly took it all in. The cousins loved swimming with her even though her time in the water was like 5 minutes long :) As can be seen in the picture below, she got tuckered out pretty fast. I can't wait until next summer when she can really start to appreciate the water.
Enjoy this video I put together of her adventures in the water.


Jackson said...

I think we ordered ours from Etsy. It's impossible to find anything in the right size.

Teh Wifey said...

To add to Jackson's comment-we ordered a cloth diaper cover from Etsy. It was impossible to find anything for a little tiny baby, but we ordered an extra small cover.

This is the cover we ordered, she was super prompt as well.


jan said...

Still in Dallas? I'm up in Okalhoma City and the heat here is killing us. We're waiting until September to meet the neighbors because no one is going outside right now.