Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our recent adventures

On the 4th Mila and I accompanied Chase down to San Antonio. We are loving being together as a family and are very pleased with our living accommodations. We're staying in a furnished apartment in a complex called The Villas at Oakwell Farm. Things we've done thus far while here in San Antonio:

*Chase and I have been able to play tennis a few times since the courts are right outside our apartment.
*Chase took us on a tour of Sam Houston's base where he works.
*This weekend we walked around some Japanese gardens. Not so conducive for a stroller but still fun.
*Last weekend we drove to San Marcos and hit up the outlets there. Seriously, combine the Park City outlets and the Premier outlets of Las Vegas and throw in a few more upper end stores and that's what you have in San Marcos. So fun!
*After shopping we ate in New Braunfels (a German influenced city) at Oma's Haus for dinner. Thanks Miles for the suggestions of which German food to try!
*We also have hit up a local diner here in San Antonio called Lulu's in order to try their 3 lb cinnamon roll that we first discovered while watching Man vs. Food. Don't worry we only consumed 1 lb of it if that. It was as big as our baby practically!
Still left on our Bucket List of things to do while we're here:
*Visit Austin and the University of Texas' campus.
*Hang out with the Thatchers (a mission of companion of Chase's).
*Consume a donut from the Round Rock donut shop that was also featured on Man vs. Food.
*Attend a Missions baseball game.
*Walk some of the neighborhoods in Alamo Heights. Apparently it's a nice area to live in.
*Take Mila to the Riverwalk and probably to the Alamo (both Chase and I have been previous to this summer).


Jackson said...

I'd have to say, Round Rock donuts is amazing. I don't know why but it just is. You should also try and venture out to Saltlick, that was on Man Vs Food too.

Emily Malinka said...

oh my gosh you are in San Antonio... find a little hole in the wall called Taco Taco... SO GOOOD!!!!