Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Times in Austin

This weekend we decided to drive to Austin to see some of the sights. Although Chase has driven through Austin many times, he had never actually stopped in Austin to look around, and it had been many years since I've actually walked around the city so we thought it was high time we visit. Plus, Chase's mission companion, Cameron Thatcher, and his wife, Chelsea, live there now. So we drove up Saturday morning and met the Thatchers first at the State Capital.
Aren't these cool hinges???
This is where the Senate meets.
This is the Texas Supreme Court room. If Chase takes the bar in Texas this is where he will come to be sworn in I believe.
After doing a self-guided tour, we went to the University of Texas' campus and LBJ's Presidential Library.We finished our time in Austin with food and relaxation. We ate some yummy New York style pizza from Home Slice on Congress Ave, ice cream from Amy's, and of course, the Man vs. Food recommendation: Round Rock Donuts.Can I just say, these were to die for!! Jackson, like you, I don't know what it is but they are just amazing. Seriously worth the trip. Buy the glazed if you go because they were by far our favorite. What a great weekend! Thanks Cameron and Chelsea for putting us up for the night and showing us around Austin.


Jeff and Kari said...

Rachel saw the picture of your friends holding Mila and asked "Why are those people stealing Mila?".

Dayna said...

looks like fun! Those donuts looked amazing! I am starting to crave one now! SO FUN!

Cameron and Chelsea said...

So happy y'all were able to come and play with us. Mila is just precious. It was so fun seeing your cute little family. Y'all are more than welcome here anytime. xoxo