Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Chapter is Closed

One of the loose ends I had to tie up before I left Utah for the summer was clearing out my office and taking down my classroom at the seminary building. It took me two days to organize and pack up 5 years of teaching. It was a bit sobering to turn my keys over to my principal and walk out of the building one last time. I loved my time at Mountain View and will miss my daily associations with my amazing faculty and students.

Here's me and Mila with some of my faculty the day we left the hospital...Mountain View was on the way home :)Darin, my principal missed Mila that day so we went back to visit him

When I got home from wrapping things up I officially retired my Echo shoes and my quad. Both were pretty worn down from years of use.
I know my time at Mountain View will never be forgotten. One, because it's how Chase and I met (No, he was not my student...eww! His sister was!). And two, because my very thoughtful husband secretly made cards for students to fill out describing what their favorite memory with me was; what they will always remember about me; and why they are grateful for me. We were able to read the cards while I was in the hospital and then put them in a photo album for me to always have. I'm so grateful he went to all that effort to help me preserve the memories I have at the seminary. Thanks Chase!

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Holly said...

It's crazy (& wonderful of course) to go from working to being a stay-at-home mom all at once. I bet it feels weird to be done after so many years there. What a good husband Chase is to organize the memories from your students! And P.S. I love all of Mila's cute little hats. And we can't wait for you guys to come back. :)