Friday, June 24, 2011

A Shout Out to Mila's Visitors!

Since I was slacking on my posting during Mila's first month, I didn't get a chance to thank all of those who came to visit Mila in the hospital when she was born. She (as well as me and Chase) felt very loved by family and friends.
Aunt Karlee was there, unexpectedly, for Mila's debut so she was officially the first visitorSoon after Aunt Dayna arrived. Uncle Nate was anxious to meet Mila too so he flew home early from a job interview in NY. Of course cousin Gabe came too. Gabe was very cute and shy with Mila.
Mila's grandma and grandpa Gunnell came as soon as they landed from their flight home from China.Mila's great grandparents, the Gunnells One of my former students, Christina, was doing an internship this last semester at Orem Community so she came in and helped us out by introducing Chase to the warmer. Chase almost baked Mila to death while we were at the hospital :)My coworker and good friend, Justin Su'a stopped in after work.The Fitchs and of course cute Roman came by. The Breadys visited. Doesn't Eric look ready to be a daddy himself? Since this picture was taken they have welcomed their new little girl to this world. Mila and Harper are going to be great friends, I know itWhile the Breadys were visiting more of our friends from church stopped by. Little Owen was exstatic to meet Mila :)Emily even stopped in on her way back to work after her Dr's appointment with Dr. Judd to meet Mila. Mila's anxious to meet her little girl who is still on her way.We sadly didn't get a shot of the Klains who also came by and visited. We probably forgot because we were in amazement at how effortlessly they are now parenting two children of their own. Seriously, they seem like veterans in parenting!

Thanks to all those who came by even after we left the hospital. We loved introducing many of you to sweet little Mila.


Megs said...

Oh, Mila is so adorable! Great job, guys! ;) Hope things are going well; we were so excited when we heard she was born. And so glad she has made it to her month mark alive...;)

C and K said...

I want that pic of Rome! So cute!