Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Fathers' Day

As I alluded to yesterday, Chase drove up to Dallas to see Mila and me for Fathers' Day weekend, so we tried to make the 5 hour drive worth it for him :)

I had to include this picture because it looks like Mila is trying to kiss Chase back. Melts my heart!

Mila took a good nap so that I could wash the car on Friday since Chase likes his car looking good. Then together Mila and I wrote a little poem for Chase. For those of you who don't know, Chase is quite the poet himself; throughout the years he has written many a poem for me, so I thought he might like one in return. Here's how it went:

"On this your very first Fathers' Day,

There are a few things we'd like to say.

First Mila...From the beginning you've been in tune.

You heard me cry in the hospital room.

You have a knack for knowing my moods.

You sensed that I would spit up my foods.

At the airport when you were leaving,

I cried knowing what I'd be missing...

I've missed our daily walks together,

And baths with you are so much better.

I've missed you singing your Russian song,

And without you my mornings are long.

Really here is what I want to say:


Now Christy...Since May 17 you've been a pro.

As a father you've stolen the show.

You've changed, which deepens my love for you.

You're so sweet and tender through and through.

As we know you are more fun than me,

But now you are quite the sight to see.

You make up songs for Mila all day,

And your dancing time is fun to play.

Those first two weeks were the best ever.

The timing of her birth was clever.

I thank our Father above each day

That you were at home with us to stay.

Thank you for the help you've given me.

I'm grateful for you I hope you see."

I then had Mila sign the poem with her hand print. It was a pretty fun gift to give. Maybe it will become a tradition...who knows. I also made a fruit bouquet for Chase and my dad today to help celebrate the day. Really an enjoyable Fathers' Day! Hope everyone else's was too.


Holly said...

Such a sweet poem! I'm so glad you were all able to be together for Father's Day! Mila is adorable!

Rachael said...

what a sweet poem. I didn't know Chase was a poet. I love your family.

Mark and Elaina said...

I love your poem! And Clara has the same dress! And she wore it on Father's Day too! Twinsies!