Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One month already!!

I can't believe one month has already come and gone (actually as of today, 5 weeks have come and gone). Mila survived!! It was touch and go at first :) See when we brought Mila home from the hospital we decided to give her a sponge bath the following day. We were so excited and thought we knew what we were doing. Sadly, by the end of the bath we thought we had killed our baby. Tips to new or soon-to-be parents: When sponge bathing your newborn, keep in mind that they do not regulate their body temperature very well yet, and so you must be careful to keep them warm while bathing them. We suggest having multiple towels and only uncovering the part of the baby's body that you are wanting to wash. We did not think through our method of attack very well and instead took our time, while snapping pictures the whole time.In hindsight we realized we spent way too much time gawking at her adorableness in her duck towel, because when we took her out of her towel we discovered her feet were bright blue and her lips were becoming a shade of blue. We freaked out! We frantically dressed her to try and warm her up, but we then faced her falling asleep and becoming limp and lifeless. She wouldn't wake up for anything. Needless to say I called my SIL who is a nurse and even my doctor's office to make sure she would be okay. What a crazy first 24 hours! Thankfully we have slowly been improving in our efforts to not kill our child. This first month and parenthood in general has caused me to rely even more on the true principle of if I do everything in my power to do what's right, the Lord will make up where I fall short. I am grateful for the Lord's help.

During this first month we have discovered that Mila loves swings and her car seat. Thanks Aunt Dayna and Uncle Nate for letting us borrow your swing for a bit. She made for a pretty cute lamb :)

During this first month Mila accompanied us to church practically every Sunday. Good thing too because she was able to sport this adorable dress!
At her two week appointment we found Mila to have regained her birth weight and exceeded it by weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz. A week later when I went to the doctor again for a yeast infection they weighed her and she weighed 8 lbs 11 oz so she is growing like a weed! We also found out at her two week appointment that she had already grown another inch making her 21 inches and putting her into the 90 percentile for length/height! Looks like she might have the Smith genes!

Just after her two week mark (and luckily just 2 days after her umbilical cord fell off) we did a newborn photo shoot with our friend Whitney who did our maternity pictures. Mila was so easy to work with! We did the sitting at Chase's parents' house, so we were able to crank up the fireplace (poor Whitney is in her third trimester and so she was a saint for dealing with the heat!) to keep our little miss warm. She didn't pee and hardly cried. I love that she was so awake. Really these pictures are a great depiction of our little one...she is often very wide eyed, but not the scary wide eyed like some babies :) As you can tell, I love her big, currently blue, eyes.Here is one of our favs (as you can tell from the header of our blog)! Yellow looks so good on her. Just after these pictures were taken, Chase headed for Texas to start his internship. Mila and I survived 48 hours of being on our own. I really have to give Mila all the credit. She is such a good baby. Thanks to the suggestions of Baby Wise (I recommend this book to any new mothers! Thanks Leanne for suggesting it and letting me borrow your copy!) in this first month Mila has been following a routine of feeding about every 2 1/2 hours during the day. Her last feeding is at 9:30PM and will wake up once to feed in the middle of the night and then wake up for the day at 6:30AM. Seriously, she makes my life so much easier.

After those 48 hours my mother flew in and stayed with us for a week and a half to prepare for our journey to Texas. Yep, this past week, my mom, Mila, and I made the 1500 mile drive to Texas to meet up with Chase. Mila's face in this picture sums up how I felt after the drive:Pure exhaustion! It was more traumatic for me than her I think. Her routine hasn't seemed to be affected much and she is still a pretty easy going baby despite being in a car seat for 25 hours (divided up between 2 days). However, I was a wreck by the time we got to Dallas. Lets just say, a yeast infection mixed with a cramped backseat makes for uncomfortable feeding periods and getting stuck in two traffic jams equaling 2 extra hours of driving when you're 30 miles from home will send anyone over the edge. Thank goodness my mom kept her sanity.

So there you have it. A recap of the first month! I promise I'll be more on top of blogging now that we are in Texas :) Stay tuned.


Lydia said...

So cute! I hope you are feeling better. There is nothing like a snuggly baby to make things all right. The first night we had J home he started choking and I freaked out. I yelled at Nate "Do something!" I can laugh about it know, but at the time I thought we would never make it through the night.

Kendra said...

Darling pictures. I'm glad you made it to TX alright. But I bet that was a super long trip. We will miss you this summer!

Dayna said...

I am so glad you are posting pictures! I am going to miss seeing you guys around and holding my cute niece mila!!!! I am glad you survived the drive. I am a little nervous for our 2500 mile trek coming up!

Christy you are a wonderful mom! I know baths can be overwhelming, gabe FREAKED out when we gave him his first bath! I think you guys are doing great and such good parents. I am glad you are back "home" and that you are closer to chase. Know that we miss you and love you!

Mark and Elaina said...

What a cutie she is! I love her little mouth!