Saturday, June 25, 2011

3 Years

What a year! Looking back this year has been consumed with the trials, growth, and joy of bringing new life into this world, and truly that has made it one heck of a year! Fitting right? In our 3rd year our family grew from 2 to 3. Gone are the days of just me and Chase, and gone are the years of complete freedom to go and do whatever we want. But, there is something to be said about having a little person in your life that is completely dependent upon you. It really has brought us closer together more than any trip or date night could. And that's what has made all the trials of becoming parents so worth it. Thanks Chase for an amazing year! Thanks for your support throughout pregnancy and motherhood. I'm so glad I have you by my side!Here are some major events from our third year of marriage:

Traveling to North Carolina--a first for both of us; me running my first 10k with Chase cheering me on at the finish line; attending the Smith family reunion in Texas; working at the Beatles festival in DC; Chase starting and completing his second year of law school; finding out we were expecting; visiting my brother Chip & the Fishers in San Francisco; surviving first trimester; both of us losing grandmas; finding out we were having a baby girl; Chase landing one of 50 internships nationwide with the Air Force's JAG; enjoying second and most of third trimester; playing lots of tennis; me wrapping up 5 years of teaching; bringing Mila Christy Gunnell into this world; migrating to Texas for the summer.


Courtney and Bridger said...

Where in Texas are you living for the summer? We are in Texas as well! Congrats on the new addition by the way. She is adorable!

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I keep forgetting to comment on the posts below, but I LOVE the pictures of Mila! She is adorable! And I'm pretty sure Calvin is one of those scary wide-eyed babies you were referring to. :)