Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Shower

Earlier last month I had the opportunity to be encircled by so many lovely ladies (and a few kiddos :) ). My cousin, Trish, and my old roommate, Beth, headed up an amazing shower. They really out did themselves! I was amazed at how they thought of every detail. Like for example, best thing ever, Trish made thank you cards in advance so when I was opening gifts all she did was write down what each person gave me on a sticky note and put one on each card. Geniusness!! It's making the process of writing thank you notes so much easier. Here are some other examples of their attention to detail...the decorations:
Clothes hanging from clothes pins along the stair banisters.The food was all yummy! Thank you to Emily, Kim, Lindsi, and Courtney who also helped to provide food. Beth made these super cute cupcakes, which were a huge hit.

Boston wanted to help me open presents. He was trying things out for me and making me laugh the whole time.
I really am grateful for so many amazing women in my life who took time out of their busy Saturday to come celebrate our little daughter's upcoming arrival! And thank you to two amazing hostesses, Beth and Trish!!


Natasha said...

Great photos!! That really was one of the nicest showers I've ever been too. Your friends did a great job!

Tiffany said...

I wish I could have been there! Hopefully I'll be seeing you in a couple weeks though!