Saturday, March 5, 2011


A new couple that moved into our condos just opened up a new frozen yogurt joint. It's called Yogurtland, and it's located next to Smashburger in the same shopping center as Men's Wearhouse and Plato's Closet. Apparently it is a franchise that originates in Cali, which lucky for us means they use Ghirardelli chocolate...yum yum! They had a pre-opening trial run on Friday night that we hit up with Chase's sister, Karlee, and her bud, Morgan, and then we invited some of the ward to come on Saturday, their opening day, after Stake Conference.

*This picture was stolen from Rachel O'Brien...i figured since Danny covered my face I could steal this picture from you Rach :)

I have to say, it's really good! They weigh your selection, and you pay by the ounce, which their price by ounce is cheaper than any other place. And, they have so many yummy flavors. I think this will be my new favorite dessert stop because I feel healthy eating it!! Yeah for guiltless indulgences.


Amber said...

Yay for Yogurtland! Now that we live in California, we have gone there a bunch cause we have one close to our house. It is our favorite dessert place as well. When my parents came out, we took them there and they loved it so I will have to tell them that there is one close by them now.

Rachel said...

hahaha you are totally justified in stealing that picture. danny just likes to hog the camera so everyone can see his beautiful face ;)
and i passed by yogurtland today on my way to plato's closet. i seriously had to stop myself from going in (we made a "resolution" to not eat out/go out for treats so much). but dang it, i just might drag danny back there tonight.

Kendra said...

Just because you feel healthy eating it, doesn't mean it's actually healthy. But that's ok...I'm totally going to hit that place up again. :)

Chelsea said...

um, pretty sure i don't know half the people in that picture... which is weird, because that was stompin' grounds (as burke would say) for 3 years. so weird.
i've seen that place (of course, since its located right next to the mothership: smashburger). ill have to try it out.