Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soccer Season is Upon Us!

It's that time of year again...the MLS soccer season has begun!! Last weekend was Real Salt Lake's opening game here at home against the LA Galaxy. Chase and I had the privilege of going to the game with my SILs Karlee and Dayna. The game was awesome! We came out in full force scoring in the first minute (I of course missed that goal because I had to go to the bathroom...story of my life). That's okay though because we ended up scoring four goals that night, winning the game 4-1. Sadly, me along with most of the crowd missed the third goal of the night because Jimmer was on the big screen and everyone was cheering for him and trying to figure out where he was in the stadium rather than watching the game. Whoops! You could tell that Jimmer felt bad that he pulled the attention away from the game. So where was Jimmer that night? Oh he was in the box where we were enjoying the game!! That's right, we were just seats away from the BYU star. We were advised not to ask him for autographs or pictures (to my nephew Jacob's dismay) but we did snap a shot on Chase's iPhone just for proof that he really was there. Rubbing shoulders that night solidified what a class act he, his girlfriend, and family are. What a start to Real's season!


Jackson said...

I really wish you would update more often, your blog is a pleasure to read.

The Jesperson Family said...

I was there too!!! That was the Best. Game. EVER! We have season tickets and go as a family to almost every game. We LOVE Real Salt Lake!!!

When are you due? I saw your pictures on Facebook, they are adorable! So excited for you!!