Thursday, February 17, 2011

The latest in pregnancy...

This entry is more for me and my future daughter. It's a recap of some of the milestones in pregnancy.

As of this week, I am now starting my third trimester. I apologize that I did not increase blogging during the second trimester even though I had more energy and such. Due to lack of bloggin here is a recap of the past few months...


December 11

December 25
My belly seemed to make itself known over Christmas break. Probably because my appetite finally had returned and there were many yummy snacks at my fingertips. I reached my breaking point with my ptyalism condition on Christmas Eve so Chase gave me a blessing that pronounced I could be cured. I started chewing gum religiously shortly there after in order to force myself to swallow. Over the course of two or three weeks I noticed the mucus subside. By the time I went back to school in January I no longer needed a spit cup (which my students are very very grateful for). I still produce a lot of saliva to this day but I just chew gum in order to swallow it rather than spitting it out.

In December we felt our little girl kick for the first time. Initially I wasn't positive I was feeling her, but I assumed the fluttery movement was her. Chase and I both felt her on the 26th of December during church when I was wearing a skirt that was restricting the wee one a bit. She kicked or punched right where the waist of the skirt was cutting into me. I also felt a distinct punch on the 1st of January when I was playing "Just Dance 2" on the Wii and was bouncing a bit much for her. She made it known to me when I sat down that I need to cool it a bit in my dance moves :) It's funny because before pregnancy the idea of someone growing and moving inside of me kind of creeped me out, but now that I can feel her, I love it! It really is one of the highlights of pregnancy; I love knowing that she's there and having that personal connection since Chase can't always feel her movements even when I can.

During January I learned a valuable lesson in pregnancy and probably life. I caught a cold near the beginning of the month (which came and went throughout the month); then work became super stressful due to various unusal occurences and I ended up teaching for 8 hours straight practically; and to top it all off, this all happened when my grandma was emitted to the hospital due to a heartattack and I was told she was dying. All these things created an amount of stress that my body decided was too much. The Saturday following all of these events, I woke up at 4 am and by 5 am I was in intense pain, similar to the type of pain I've experienced when having ulcers. I literally could not move or the pain intensified. After discussing with my medical siblings and receiving a blessing, Chase and I both felt reassured the baby would be fine, but that I need to learn how to juggle the stress, a lesson I am constantly being reminded of. With time and medication the pain subsided, luckily.

February 4

This month I have definitely felt far more movement from the little girl, especially as I am going to bed or when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I now cannot sleep without being on my side and without gripping my body pillow. Chase has been having difficulty the past two weeks sleeping because apparently my snoring has become pretty unbearable at night. My belly has grown quite a bit over January and February it seems like too.

This month I have also been able to see the movement are little girl is making. It was a bit freaky at first. It happened at work while I was preping, and I just stared at my tummy watching my tummy bulge and pop. I find myself staring more and more these days at her little movements. This is a very fun time of really does make you forget about that first trimester. Thank goodness!


Mark and Elaina said...

Don't you just love the movement! After you have her you'll get little bubbles and for a split second be like, "oh my baby!. . . . wait. I already had her!" I'm so excited for you! You and your little belly are super cute!

Lydia said...

I LOVE watching my belly move! Its the craziest thing. That is why Nate's calls my belly the bounce house. I love when you can see their little feet and bums pushing and bulging out. I am so glad you are feeling better.

Andrea said...

I love checking up on your pregnancy. We're excited for you guys, girls really are the best. I saw your post about dresses. I would buy the long summer jersey dresses. They stretch and you can wear a shirt underneath to keep them modest, and they are soft and really comfortable.

Kendra said...

Geez Christy! What a terrible January you had. :( I'm so sorry that was so rough on you. I hope you are learning to take it easy and not overdo it. If there is ever anything you need, please don't hesitate to call me. I feel bad that I didn't know you were having such a difficult time. Poor friend I am! :( As to the movements...isn't it the greatest?! I loved it so much. I swear I was constantly staring at my tummy or grabbing Miles's (or anyone who was close enough) hand to feel it. It's so incredible. I'm glad you go over the "creepy" factor, cause it really is just amazing. Just wait until your belly no longer looks round and it's oblong shaped and sharp, jutting edges are poking out. That's crazy stuff! ;)