Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eileen Felix Johnson

Last night just after 11PM my last living grandparent passed away. Please allow me to use this post as a place for me to gather all my thoughts.
I have many mixed emotions right now. I know and have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation so I know this is not the end of my associations with my grandma. I know that her passing was an answer to prayers because she was in pain and her body was shutting down. I know that she is now reunited with my grandpa, who died last May. I'm grateful for this knowledge.

But at the same time this knowledge does not take away the stinging reality--I no longer have any of my grandparents left on the earth. It doesn't take away the pain of knowing my daughter will never meet such an amazing woman. A part of me was hoping she'd make it until June so that we could bring our daughter to see her.

To lose my grandma Johnson is probably one of the hardest grandparents to lose for me because she has always been so easy to talk to, probably because she is my maternal grandma and thus our interactions often times were just like my interactions with my mother. Her home and her presence were a comfort to me during my time at BYU when I was so far away from my own mother.
Eileen is who inspired me to want to cook well and use lots of butter when cooking :); she is who inspired me to read lots of books and be well educated on things--she was a teacher by profession and spent most of her time these last few years reading and staying up-to-date on the news despite not having vision in one of her eyes; according to Chase she is who I get my feisty, stubborn nature from at times :); and she is who I believe I gained a lot of my musical talent from. It was fitting that one of the last requests she made of me was to come sing to her in the hospital.

I will always remember how sharp she was even at the end of her life. When she was emitted last week into the hospital, Chase and I went and stayed with her until my aunt arrived. I talked to her about what I am teaching at school right now: the life of Joseph F. Smith. Even while on oxygen and heavy pain meds, she responded and even chimed in with her two cents. I hope I am as sharp as she was when I reach the end of my life.

Thanks for sticking it through so many years of pain Grandma. Thanks for supporting me and Chase at our wedding. Thanks for always being so interested in our life. I'm glad you are free from your frail, pain ridden body and with Grandpa. I love you and will miss you so much.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Big Announcement!

I would like to start this post by vowing that I will try to update our blog more often with the start of this new year. Today's post may just be the catalyst for such a resolution.

We'd like to take a timeout from reporting on our pregnancy by sharing some exciting news. Chase just received a call today from the Pentagon and was informed that he has been chosen for a JAG internship for this summer with the Air Force!! There were only 50 spots available across the nation and Chase secured one of them. We couldn't be more excited. For one thing, it's an internship...that means it's paid!! Paid internships are a bit hard to come by these days in law school. Secondly, it's with the JAG program, which is something Chase is very interested in pursuing after graduation, so we are hoping this will get his foot in the door. We both have felt strongly that the JAG program will play to Chase's strengths and get him in the court room where he excels way sooner than any law firm would. Then, after his 4 year commitment to the Air Force he will have more opportunities available to him. See, neither one of us sees ourselves becoming lifers in the military. It's just a great springboard for the future.
TJAG Corps Logo
So if you see Chase, tell him congratulations! He deserves it. Stay tuned for where we will be placed. It's looking like the top 3 placements for us are:

1. San Antonio, TX
2. Charleston, SC
3. Washington DC

I'd be fine with any three since I have friends or family in all three locations. But lets be honest, Texas makes more sense since it's right next to family, which would be a huge plus since I will be bringing our newborn along for the ride :) Yay for new adventures!!