Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our E-Christmas Card

This year I decided I wanted to send out Christmas cards. That's something my family always does but Chase's family not so much, so Chase was hesitant to the whole thing. Thus we compromised and took a baby step this year by just sending out E-cards. Hopefully next year we will send out real, in your mailbox, cards. But for now enjoy the card below, just in case we missed sending you our card via email.

What a joy it was to travel around the country and parts of the world in 2010. But we are now jumping for joy for the opportunity to settle down and welcome our new bundle of joy--a baby girl expected to arrive on May 25, 2011!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drum Roll Please

So...we know the gender of our growing baby. Drum roll's a GIRL! Yep, we're having a little baby girl. We went to an early 16 week ultrasound last Tuesday morning (Chase couldn't wait any longer) and had pretty much everyone's guesses confirmed. My mom had told me she felt like it was a girl from the beginning and even one of my former students who I am close with still had a dream that I had a girl. So pretty much it was in the cards.

We're excited to now be able to call her a "her" rather than an "it" and to be able to start picking out fabric and color schemes for the nursery. I think Chase is a bit worried as to how he will "play" with a little girl despite the fact that he grew up with all sisters (he claims he just got picked on, ha ha). And I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the accessorizing that comes with girls. But luckily I have crafty women all around me to help me in that arena. So there you have it. The latest and greatest in the Gunnell household.