Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long Overdue

So, as is the case with so many, I have become MIA in the blogging world due to a big change in the Gunnell household. Yep, you guessed it...I'm pregnant. I'm currently in my 12th week and find myself counting down the days until this first trimester is over in hopes that I will feel better and have more energy. Our current due date is May 25th--right smack in between Chase's birthday (May 15) and my birthday (June 1) and just before Chase starts his yet-to-be-determined internship.
Chase has been asking everyday when I would announce to the blogging world that I'm pregnant. I've been putting it off and putting it off due to my lack of energy, but today my kind faculty member took my 4th hour in order to give me a much needed break at work after a week of stressing to get my grades in. So here I am finally posting.
Despite my lack of enthusiasm please know that I am grateful to be pregnant, especially since it did require patience and waiting on our end. Right now I'm probably more grateful for my understanding, supportive faculty who have been lightening my load constantly; friends and family who have been excited for me (since sickness has drained me of excitement)--it still makes me laugh when I think about our friend who tackled us when he found out; siblings who keep checking up on me, concerned for my well-being; but most importantly Chase who has learned to cope with me these past two months. He has taken over cooking, cleaning, doing the wash, and any errands I may have. Plus, he has adapted to me not wanting to do anything at night (nights are the hardest for me I think) and me not wanting to eat anything at night which results in him thinking of anything and everything he could make or buy for me so that I will eat in order to not get even more sick. I don't know what I would do without him.
Anyway, here are some pictures and hopefully a video (I loaded it but don't know if it will play). First a series of pictures when we found out.
The announcement was made pretty early to my faculty and students that I was pregnant since I became sick. One of my former students was pretty stoked so she decorated my car. Slightly embarrassing when an old man approached me in the law school parking lot as I was waiting to pick up Chase and proceeded to ask me if "Prego" meant "Pregnant". Apparently he was not aware of the new age slang.
Our first ultrasound and visit to the doctor. This visit has resulted in us now calling our baby "Peanut". Stay tuned for more updates on Peanut and us (probably once I'm in the second trimester).