Friday, July 2, 2010

Projects Overload

So while Chase was away I decided to undertake one too many projects. I almost completed them all (after multiple nights of working nonstop till midnight--leave it to me to procrastinate) by the time Chase returned. Here's a bit of what I did:
*With the help of an awesome home teacher and a neighbor, I was able to hang in our kitchen a valence I sewed with a $1 rod from Ikea.*While my mom was in town I add some beauty to our front patio area by potting some herbs and flowers. Sadly my flowers did not survive the overwatering of my next door neighbor who thought she was "saving" my dying flowers. The verdict is still out as to whether or not my aloe vera plant will come back after the overwatering catastrophe. Pray that it does because it has come in handy the past few years due to Chase's skin's tendency to burn.
(All these pictures were taken before the catastrophe)
*Also while my mom was in town I bought lots of fabric to make pillows for our bedroom and living room. For our bedroom I had purchased a new simple white duvet cover, and so I wanted to bring in reds and aquaish blues with pillows. Here's how it turned out:
I did this pillow for our couch in the living room.
Side note: I've determined I do not like stitching up pillowcovers after you've stuffed the pillow in.

*I constructed on one of our walls a collage of pictures and repainted a "C" (for Christy and Chase) that I got at TJMaxx.
(To bring more of the blue into our room, I used some of my leftover blue material and covered some wooden frames from Ikea.)
*I also found a beautiful framed mirror from Rod Works in Lehi to adorn one of our walls. (Ever since we moved in we have been looking for a large enough mirror for the wall opposite our bed.)
*After about an hour of peeling I was able to place this vinyl quote above the mirror. We both love this quote. It sums up our feelings for one another and it somewhat ties into our family motto: Leave people and places better than when you found them.
*Thanks to the Wilcox's (once again) expertise I was able to make a rod design of pictures Chase and I have taken on our various travels and added some accent to our large framed pictures in our hallway.
And that's a glance at the projects I completed to help revamp our house :)


Dayna said...

THEY LOOK UNBELIEVABLE! Those pillows are amazing! The whole house looks great and I am proud of you for doing that!

Lydia said...

So Cute! You are such a better homemaker than I am. Love the valance in the kitchen. Love the fabric for your pillows (all of them)! I even bought the same fabric as your bedroom pillows to make a skirt. And love the way you hung your pics. I am working on a few home projects myself. (That hopefully I will get posted soon!)
Miss you!

Emily Malinka said...

oooooh I love all the decorating, so cute!

Megs said...

Wow! Seriously you put me to shame. I love what you've done - great work! :)

Candice Warby said...

you seriously rock! Do you want to come decorate my house? Let me know.... :)

Rachael said...

great job. Someday, when I have a place of my own where I can paint and poke holes in the wall, I may take some of your ideas!

Amber said...

Wow! You are so inspiring! We moved into our new place almost two weeks ago. We are all settled except for the decor. I really want to be creative and change things up a bit but I'm not sure how to do it. Needless to say, all of our decor are still in the boxes. But I think I will definitely steal some of your ideas. Where did you get your inspiration!?