Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day & Birthday with the Beatles

So this past Memorial Day and my birthday (on June 1st if you didn't know) were spent selling Beatles merchandise at this big Beatles festival in Louisville, KY. With school out and Chase not around to help, I was recruited to help sell with the family this year. It was quite the experience. I've never seen my legs/ankles so swollen from standing on my feet from 10 am to usually 11 pm. Initially I wasn't diggin it so much, but I have to say by the end I really enjoyed myself. Who knows, maybe Chase and I will both go help out at the festival being held in DC over Labor Day.
So here's the set up of some of the shirts we had for sale.

Here's of view of the whole row of merchandise we were selling.We had a prime location right next to the stage! Here's just a glimpse of the crowds of Beatles' fans that come.

While in Louisville my brother and his family stopped by on their way to Cincinnati so I could see my new little nephew Eli. So fun to play with family! Can't wait until our Galveston reunion at the end of the summer.

While together Sean lost a tooth!
With the whole fam...minus my brother Kurt who took the pic

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missesbarlow said...

um... can you and i PLEASE do a triathlon together? spencer won't do one with me and i'm doing this one all by myself! it's the saratoga springs tri, and i hope i don't get a parasite from swimming in the utah lake, yuck! love and miss you!