Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're Half Way!!!

So today marks the half way point of Chase's externship! 3 weeks down; 3 to go. I know the 3 weeks have probably been a bit slower for Chase, but they've flown by quicker than I expected. It helped to have "distractions" like school, my mom coming into town, and friends and family nearby who have really been looking out for me. I can only hope that these next 3 weeks fly by for Chase as well as me. In the first 3 weeks Chase celebrated his 25th birthday and in the next 3 weeks I'll celebrate my 26th. Crazy to not be with one another for such occasions, but I think Chase will agree that this absence really has made us both appreciate one another more.Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. Here are things I've grown fonder of since Chase has been gone:

*Chase's serenading...yep, you heard it right. Chase sings more around the house than I do.
*Cuddling up on our love seat to watch TV or a movie.
*Making dinners for someone...I don't cook now since it's just me...there's just no point. I do miss cooking, but I guess not enough to just cook for myself :)
*Waking up to a smile. The house is pretty empty at night and in the mornings.
*Hugs. Chase gives good hugs. (Especially since my secondary love language is touch!)
*Chase attempting to sing the words of "Lullaby" by Billy Joel.
*Watching this season of Smallville...The episodes are mounting up on Chase's parents DVR for us to watch when he gets back!
*Being able to call or talk whenever we want.

I miss you babe. Keep up the amazing work! And remember, just 21 more days!

Enjoy some pictures of my Chasers...I mean come on, who wouldn't miss this?!


Dayna said...

I am glad its halfway done! YIPEE! I hope you have fun in Kentucky this week and we would love to see you again next week when you get home!

LOVE YA both!

Holly said...

Cute pictures! And I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already! Seems fast to me...! Hope the last 3 weeks go by fast too!

Rachael said...

what a great little tribute! he will be home soon. Speaking from experience, 6 weeks away does wonders for the romantic part of your relationship!

missesbarlow said...

Christy I love you so much! And congrats on "getting through" the first half! It's all downhill :) Love and miss you so much!