Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Series of Recaps: A Visit to the Tulip Festival

Now that the hubby is gone I have time to blog about our recent outtings and such. So here's the first of a series of recaps.
So, I love flowers. My favorite class at BYU was "Floral Design". So naturally I look forward every year to when Thanksgiving Point's big electronic sign starts advertising for their annual Tulip Festival. I've been three years now--2o07, 2009, and 2010. This year we went with Chase's family. Sadly, this was when I was experiencing an ulcer, but it was still a great outting. Kinda wish I would have had a segway though like when I first went to the Festival back with Emily Haycock Russon in 2007 rather than having to walk with the ulcer pain. Oh well :) Enjoy some pics from our outting!
Capturing Gabe's fun personality. Got to love his laugh!

Chase playing his favorite game--waiting to the very last minute to catch the stroller rolling down numerous little hills all the while with Gabe inside. Definitely not a mother's favorite game :)

Thanks to the workers at Thanksgiving Point we were able to find the horned owl that is nesting by the waterfalls. So cool!

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