Sunday, May 9, 2010

Praising Mother

Happy Mothers' Day everyone! I would like to say thank you to all my friends and family out there who are mothers or are working towards becoming mothers. Thank you for your example. I have so many women around me that I look up to and one day hope to be like when I become a mother.

Today I feel I should especially thank my mom. For those who don't know Elena Johnson Smith, she is my mother. Like me, she graduated from BYU not married, and so she pursued a Masters in Advertising (She and my father both have passed onto their children a love of learning). She taught at a college in Washington before becoming a mother--a mother of 5 children, 4 of which are boys. If raising us wasn't enough she also helped provide for our family by teaching first at the middle school we all attended and currently at Kimberlin Academy (an elementary school in my hometown). When she isn't teaching she is playing Grandma to 11 grandkids or coaching Chase on how to put up with me :)!

Thanks to my mother I have a love for baking (especially breads), a desire to sew, and a love for animals (how she was ever patient enough to allow us all the animals we had in our suburban home I will never understand). I can't wait to have a child one day so that my mom can also pass on to me her wisdom when it comes to raising children. I love you, Mom!

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