Friday, May 7, 2010

Officially On My Own

Bear with me, this is a long one. It's more of a personal entry so that I can express all the feelings I'm having right now.

So, after a crazy week of me getting sick and Chase trying to get little errands done, Chase officially left for Ukraine yesterday morning. His flight was at about 8:45 am, so I drove him to the airport at around 5:45 am. He sadly got through security in like 5 minutes so he spent about 2 hours waiting at the airport, but what can ya do when your wife has to be to work by 7:15 am?

It hadn't hit me that we'd be parting ways for 6 weeks until the night before he left. Reality finally did set in that night though as we tried to soak up the finals hours we had. I'll be honest, every so often I tear up as I think about the fact that he's gone for 42 days (well 41 as of today), but then I think about our friends the Fishers who faced being apart for 5 months and think, "I can do this!" Luckily, we experienced a definite tender mercy this week in finding out that Chase's apartment will have internet (come next Tuesday), something we assumed he wouldn't have causing Skype to be nearly impossible.

I have to express my gratitude to those who called or texted yesterday. Thank you for thinking of me. But please, pray for Chase. I know I'll make it through these next few weeks because of my busy schedule and friends and family nearby, but I worry more for Chase who will be alone in Ukraine. He emailed me today the following that just broke my heart:

"Sveta's uncle picked me up from the airport and he drove me to my apartment so that I could drop off my bags. We then went to exchange money and then go buy groceries. He left at about 2:30 my time and that is when it hit me: I was alone. Have you ever felt that way? Surrounded by millions of people but feel like you are completely and utterly alone?"

So please pray that he meets welcoming people in the international branch in Ukraine that will invite him over at times and will make his trip more enjoyable. Pray that he will have a chance to see old friends from the mission. Pray that his Russian will return quickly to him. Pray for his safety. And pray that he will confidently be able to learn the Ukrainian laws in order to be an asset to the firm he will be working for.

I am so grateful for my sweet husband. I am grateful that he offered to give me a blessing yesterday morning. I am especially grateful for his thoughtfulness. I came to find out yesterday that he planned ahead in order to make our parting less difficult on me. Before we said goodbye he handed me a note to read that informed me that there would be surprises throughout the day to help cheer me up. During my second period I received this beautiful bouquet with a note wishing me a happy Mothers' day with sweet words to lift my spirits.
Then I was informed that I had to be home by 3:45 pm in order for Danielle, our cousin, to pick me to take us both to get pedicures. I've secretly been wanting one for awhile so I'm glad Chase read my mind.
(I know many of you don't really want to see my feet, but this picture is for Chase so he can see the color of my toes :) )

What a sweetheart! I really lucked out when I married Chase! It's gestures like these that make 6 weeks seem forever long to be apart. But let the countdown begin...41 days and counting!


Holly said...

Oh Christy! I totally forgot he was leaving this week! I'm so sorry! :( What a sweet husband to plan things out to make it easier for you. We'll keep both of you in our prayers! And Curt has been working really late the last little bit (and probably will for the next little while...), so you'll have to come over and watch a chick flick with me sometime or something. :)

Lydia said...

We LOVE the Gunnells. I really wish I could be there for you Christy. As I mentioned yesterday- you and Chase really saw me through some tough times while Nate was gone. I wish I could be there for you. Know that the first week is the hardest- it really is. I cried every day the first week. Celebrating milestones like the halfway mark or work achievements also really help. I hope Skype works out for you. I loved being able to "see" Nate when he lived in Russia.
For both you and Chase, recognize how the Lord can bring you closer. I was amazed how mine and Nate's love grew even when we were so far apart.
Love you both!

taryn said...

Being apart from your other half is hard! But I do hope things get easier as time goes by and you can look forward to reuniting. Maybe you can do a few fun girly things while he's away! My husband is gone for awhile too :( But only for one week. I'll keep you both in my prayers!

Megs said...

Christy, we love you! :)


Kaela Cusack said...

What a sweetheart! You've got a keeper :) Sure miss you guys!

Courtney and Bridger said...

Hope you are doing well! Hang in there!