Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Funeral

For those of my family not present, including my husband, here are some pictures I took at the graveside ceremony. Although yesterday was predominately rainy, the clouds subsided thankfully while we were at the cemetery.
Jason's wife, Angie, and their son Zach. Zach was such a sweetheart...though he may act like a tough guy, he was balling throughout the services yesterday.

The Pallbearers

Grandma taking it all in with cousin Sidney.

The $2 Uncle Dee found in Grandpa's safety deposit box. Dee gave one to each of his siblings.

May the Lord bless you and keep you Grandpa.

Thank you to all those who reached out to me and my family yesterday. It was a pretty draining day but I felt buoyed up by the love you extended.


Dayna said...

Christy I am sorry again that I could't be there but we are excited to have you for dinner whenever you name the day!

Spencer and Kealia said...

christy i'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. i'm also sorry chase isn't home with you, but i'm sure you could feel his love during this difficult time. let me know if you need anything. you're in my prayers. love you xo